Sleights Scout Hall

Shedder Graham lent a hand to the Eskmouth Scouts as they started the makeover of the grounds and the external cladding to the hut.

What was achieved over the weekend by Scouting volunteers was absolutely incredible and is a major contribution to Sleights community. The job was worth many times the proverial “bob”!

The aim is to make this a space that the wider community benefits from too.

We’ll be working there in early July helping Eskdale School students and Volunteer It Yourself. All putting something back into our community.

Bramble patch strimmed

Woops. Tumble into the brambles.



Masonry paint on the walls

This is an after shot of hut and ground clearance

Painted all round. A smart place indeed



Scout GSL on the ladder of painting success

A Scouting grandma pulled weeds

Painted rubber tyres and clearing rushes in background

It’s all action. Well done all. Enjoy the evening BBQ

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