Shoulder to Shoulder – the way we work and support each other PLUS news of Staithes Sports & Social Club Community initiative

Some old friends returning to the Sheds and some newcomers giving them a go. Plus a new book to be released on Sheds internationally in which Whitby District Sheds are one of 34 UK case studies .

First, Whitby on Wednesday

Ted (not in picture!) continued his seat renovation task, working on the back.

Katy was back at the Shed for the first time since the original lockdown.

Betty’s planter was distressed by Tony’s blow torch. A nice effect which could have ended in ashes!

To be honest it is not clear what Betty is actually doing unless it is a quality check.

In the hat is Laurence from the Krampus team. We are to make a cart to transport two speakers through the streets of Whitby in the Krampus parade.

Staithes on Monday was a weather wash out. No opportunity to do more external plot clearance nor to start the garden shed for new member Matt. It was decided to have a concerted clean up of the workshop area and it was Matt (all 6′ 1″ of him) who energetically set the pace. Watched by Manya his very calm Alsatian. 

We even extracted dust from the dust extractor.

Martin worked some magic on the front area.

The machine shop cleaning team. There’s Mighty Matt and Manya at Phil’s foot. Relaxed!

Another corner done and dusted (well vacuumed to be precise)


Then the book.

We received greetings and news from  (Prof) Barry Golding of Australia. His specialism is wellbeing and active aging. He has followed the development of Sheds in Australia for many years and mustered the evidence of their benefits. 



Hi Graham & Whitby District Sheds

My new (October 2021) book, Shoulder to Shoulder: Broadening the Men’s Shed Movement is now finished, see attached flyer.
This email is thank and inform you as one of the many people on behalf of your Shed who assisted me.
Feel free to circulate, forward on & use the attached flyer and the advance information below in any way you or your Shed thinks is useful & appropriate.
I’m very happy to supply more information on request.
The book (418 pages plus an Index for both books) will be published in the UK in late October. It is now available for preorder on line, either via the QR code on the attached flyer, or via the Common Ground Publishing website.
You can use the QR code on the flyer for either book that takes you straight to the book order form on the CG website. Alternatively you can order via the website:

You’ll see the paperback version of the 2021 book is not yet available for preorder, as it is usual to release the hard copy version first.

You’ll also see there is a 25% discount off the total price offered by the publisher for anyone who would like to buy my 2015 book on the same order (using the discount code provided).
From an UK perspective, Chapter 3 is called ‘Men’s Sheds in the UK’ (67 pages, pp. 119-187).
The book includes 34 diverse UK Men’s Shed case studies amongst the 131 case studies from around the world: 20 from England, 7 from Ireland, 5 from Wales & two from Northern Ireland. The case studies include 8 Women’s Sheds, two of which are from the UK).
More detail about the book and its contents is available on my website www.barrygoanna.comvia the following link:
Learning through life
The information you and Whitby District Sheds provided enabled it to be included and written up in my new book as a ‘new 2021 UK case study’ (on p.162-4).
Many thanks for your generous assistance with writing and researching this new book.
I hope it helps inform and strengthen the work of all Sheds, the Shed peak bodies and particularly your own Shed.
Best regards,


[A copy is on order for Whitby Sheds]


A good night out was had by Staithes Shed on Friday night , along with many other locals. At Staithes Sports & Social Club.

This was a volunteer collecting empties after the event. She had not consumed it all herself!

Regular followers of Whitby Sheds know that for a good while the future of the Shed was by no means clear or certain. Rescued from auction by the Sivils family of Easington (Tiger Inn), the meeting was called to present  progress made by the small steering committee over the last 3 months and the general direction of travel for the S&SC.

The aim is to create a sustainable club and community hub. Sustainable in financial terms and the work to run the organisation which will depend on voluntary support.

At present the Club premises are in private hands (a rescue package) but the intention is that it will return to being community owned through a registered charity being established with the help and guidance of Coast & Vale Community Action.

The intent is to have the Club registered with the Charity Commission by Christmas. Charity status will relieve the Club of some of its operational costs and open opportunities for grants and donations to begin to pay off the “bridging  loan” and to invest in improvements.

The Shed was actually mentioned at the end of the presentation as an example of what the Club wants to encourage too.

The Shed’s reaction was to welcome the plans and to express support for the workmanlike approach to re-invigorating the Sports & Social Club for the community.  There is an invitation for us to meet with the task group leading the process.

As far as the 5 Shedders present were concerned this was music to their ears given the uncertainties (plural) of the past 18 months. 

Guess what we will be talking about at Monday’s Shed session!!!

Meanwhile, Graham has been laying flags in the final stages of establishing his new garden. 

Not a Shedder in sight when he needed one!

Tools of the trade with one slab remaining to be laid and the rotary washing line stake to be driven home.

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