Sheds on the go in the run up to Christmas

What a contrast now from 6 months ago during Covid-19 lockdown when nothing (much) was happening! There’s a real buzz and some very creative stuff going on. Quite a bit of talk too!

Let’s get some snapshots starting with BayThorpe Shed about which we hear a lot of good news but receive few photos! Elaine has however (as ever) pulled some together in words and pictures.

Olly sporting new hat sent from Yorkshire Air Ambulance after they received a Shed donation of £500.

1958 tumble dryer having some TLC. It cost £47 when new, and the owners still have all the paperwork.

Simon’s flat pack driftwood tree on the white board, somewhat covering all the reminders written on it!

Another tree being assembled out of stained plywood.

Steve can now make owl boxes in his sleep. Another nearly finished. 

Fylingdales School wanted wooden outdoor games and also received a Shed donation for equipment.

Olly still on a bird box theme , the motor home has been a commission.

Meanwhile at Staithes 

Liz making an upmarket bird box

Phil’s hand on the lathe

Who brought the beer?

What a wonderful head on a stick

Here’s the head of the man who made the head.  Keith.

Ken from the Sports & Social Club (ground care team) appeared and appeared to be somewhat threatening!


Whitby Town Shed received the High Sherriff of North Yorkshire, Venetia Wrigley, at a specially convened afternoon social.

Shedders shared their experiences of the Shed and the personal benefit they have received. It was good for Shedders to meet those across our own Shed family.

The High Sherriff presented a thank you (of some lovely chocolates from Filey). Graham looks rather grim, maybe because he is diabetic!  

For the second time now Colin managed to navigate the wheelchair ramps into the Shed area at the Scout Hall. He and we enjoyed the company. Colin spoke very ably of the importance of the Sheds to him. He says it brings some of his old life back. 

Colin transfers from car to chair.

Cheer up Graham. You need to go to a Shed

It was a very moving occasion as people shared some very personal experiences and thoughts with the High Sherriff.  One recent new Shedder said  he had seen (understood) what  Sheds are really about. Each Shedder has to discover that in his (or her) own way and in their own time.

The Whitby Town Shed met in normal session the next day.

Katie working on restoration of a table base with attractive spindles

IT MUST BE FINISHED. The Krampus Kart to be used on Saturday!

The Likely Lads repairing an occasional table. Occasionally they get on with something. Ray & Ted look quite animated!

Watch this space

Tony received this watch in case for his birthday.

Turned by his 15 year old grandson in Australia and made from 3 different woods

Katie enjoys removing nails without damaging her own.

Brynn wood bashing. He tells Rob every week how much he loves being part of this group. Truly a great thing that we have here

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