Sheds on a Non Shed Day

Sheds are a way of life because relationships are. Today was a Whitby non-Shed day except there is no such thing. There was a bit of overtime done on laying the red carpet tiles at the Eskmouth Shed and priming 3 of the Easter scenes ready for top coating next week. Soon they will be installed ahead of  Easter.

Tim Bradley, Garage Shed pioneer

As a break, Graham met Tim Bradley at the Flask (or rather the cafe there now named the Blacksmiths). Tim is a sad soul (as evidenced in the photo). Tim lacks a home (is that a long, sympathetic ahhhh  from you?).

Tim wants to start a “Garage Shed” project in the Scarborough area but he needs a home for it. Somewhere where a couple of cars or more can be worked on with a space for guy ad girl greasers (no distinction) to sit and sup tea.

Any ideas Shedders? Tim is coming on 4th April to the Shed gathering in Whitby and you can meet him and other Sheds there.


The Cafe is a convenient half way house between Whitby and Scarborough for people one side and the other of the Moor to meet.

It was where, in November 2015, the idea of a North Yorkshire Shed was first discussed  with Karen Atkinson of NYCC Stronger Communities programme. 

It was an appropriate place to meet Tim therefore!

The cafe has been refurbished and renamed recently under new ownership. The external sign board was made by the owner’s brother as were the table menu boards. They have a “scorched” wood finish (very attractive) achieved (apparently) by the careful application of a blow torch. Tim and Graham talked so much that they decided to have a lunch. They recommend the steak pie!!

A trip to SAMS Place in Littlebeck was necessary at the end of the day. Torrential rain all day which turned to sleet produced a raging torrent across the ford. Outside the flood was photographed and inside the (model) lifeboat that is very nearly completed. We certainly need a Littlebeck lifeboat!


Shared Shed Experience 4th April in Gazette


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