‘Sheds for the Young’

Sheds of our making and hundreds of others in UK and worldwide have proven, testified success. Not us blowing our own trumpets, but that is what Shedders say and well-being agencies of all kinds. Thanks to our Aussie cousins.

From BBC web-site

The success is due to Sheds usually dealing with a very serious condition that often presents as inward depression or even outward self harm but that is, at its root, caused by isolation that society has brought on itself.

Recently the comment from an American lady was mentioned – “the poverty of our age is loneliness“. That is what Sheds at their best counteract. People begin to feel they matter to each other. No need to preach, because that is what many who read this will already have experienced.

We must surely be staggered by all that has been published over the past year and more and even yesterday in a new report of mental health in young adults. It makes for difficult reading not only for our lords and masters but surely for ourselves. All must do something.

It is quite possible for someone to be in a busy place, among people (in cafe, town centre, work, school or on a bus) to be lonely even though they are not physically isolated. Shut in elderly is one example and the other extreme is cyber bullying that is real but can go unnoticed by others. 

There is need for action at all levels in society generally and in the local community (‘us’) in particular. 

Kids are our future, in families, communities, workplaces and society so we need to raise them well. That means parents first, schools second, leaders of outside activities third, and finally ‘us’. That is why two new Shed-like initiatives have publicity launched today in The Whitby Gazette. 

‘Kidz Making Good’ is a year long pilot programme in Whitby district that emphasises the benefits of children and young people having hands-on and minds-on activities that involve teamwork and creativity of all kinds and of their choosing.

It was boosted by two projects in early summer that involved Eskdale School, Eskmouth Scouts and the Whitby Sheds led by Volunteer It Yourself (VIY), a national body that offers support to schools and youth agencies in practical skills with kids.


Read the text of the article in the Gazette which explains more.

Sleights Youth Shed will be a weekly activity in Sleights for youngsters from Sleights and the surrounding rural area. Like the adult Men’s and Women’s Sheds developed over the past 3 years in Sleights, Whitby and Staithes but probably also a social and games element.  

Below is a poster combining the two pilot projects produced for the Celebrating Sleights event on this coming Saturday in the Village Hall.

These are pilot projects that are entirely volunteer led and do require volunteer support from family, friends, well-wishers, people with skills, other voluntary groups, and organisations with other things to offer like venues. 

It is all about helping the kids in our “Whitby District Village”

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