Shedding Light on Sheds (and AGM)

The idea of Sheds in our region is not as novel as it was even just two years ago. Nevertheless, it is hard to describe the ingredients that go into a Shed and the way they combine to create outcomes. Next week (Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th May) are two opportunities to ask questions and hear from a few Shedders in 1:1 chats. What might a Whitby Area Shed do for your (or a loved one’s) well-being?

Come along to The Post Box Cafe in Sleights on Tuesday between 1.30pm and 3pm. You steer the conversation. You can see SAMS Place and speak to Shedder Bob there, over Skype. He’ll most likely be working on one of his walking sticks. Have a coffee on us.

On Wednesday morning (between 10am – 12.30pm) drop in at  Eskmouth Scout Hall 
on Spring Hill (just above Trillo’s and below the hospital across the car park at Bagdale Lodge). You can see Whitby Shedders there in action and drinking tea.

These are open invitations for community awareness. You may or may not be a prospective Shedder!!    Ring 07763 656627 with any questions.

We have our Whitby Area Sheds AGM on Thursday 31st May at 1pm at Littlebeck Chapel for a light bite and the AGM (starting shortly after 1.30pm).  Primarily for our Whitby Area Shedders.

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