Shedding in 6’s

Six at Staithes today (Monday 21/9/20). Conforming to rules.

Through the window is Little Brian applying preservative  

Phil and Maggie de-nailing pallet wood to make a second Litter Bin for the Sports Club. Maggie did sawing too.

Not much action here

Phil & Brian get down to the bin. We helped them up.

Brian about to vault over the gate

Brian ably assisted by Martin and Phil, as can be seen.

We also laid plastic sheeting on the area behind the Garden Club shed we cleared last week and ordered a dumpy back of stones to spread on it it. Technically, it is, we believe, called landscaping.

At SAMS in Sleights we were down to 4 because one who did visit (with his wife!) had hurt his back (wife was chauffeur) and it was his 75th birthday. Happy Birthday “Walking Stick” Malcolm!!

Graham was tutored by Bob to make this. The stick chair that is! The cup was turned by Keith from a piece of ordinary pine. Craftsmen at work!

The maker of the cup. A close shave.

More bird boxes and a clean sweep at Whitby Shed

Pete wire wooled another cafe table top. Removed all the ground in dirt onto the floor!


Only about 18 more bird boxes to go. Recognise Betty?




A wet day at Staithes to shovel stones


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