Shedding for Women in Frome

Deciding on a Women’s Shed in Frome, Somerset

Patrick Abraham of Frome Men’s Shed approached Whitby Area Sheds recently for advice on establishing a Women’s Shed there . . . .

Dear Graham & Elaine – Thanks so much for the conversation, and for all the information on the Whitby Women’s Shed. The recent “history” Stepping into She Shedding in Whitby was also really useful.

This has been really useful in helping us plan to set up a Women’s Shed here in Frome in conjunction with the Frome Men’s Shed.

We will be thanking you on our monthly radio show “Shed Happens” on Frome FM on the 8th February, when we announce our plans to launch a Women’s Shed in Frome.

The radio programme will go out on the 8th February 2018 at 12:00, and will be available as a podcast from from about 4pm on the 8th February.

There will be a webpage for the Show on the Frome Shed Website – You will find it from the 8th February at   

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