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In relaunching this new web-site after two of our sites were hacked, we lost a lot of  history that resided solely on the web-sites. However, the material held locally on files, like photos and documents, still exists and can can be reused. We start the Personal Views with a document on SAMS experiences that was in booklet form. It was prepared for SAMS first birthday in 2016.

Hands on SAMS

After moving to this area 18 months ago I thought we’d made a mistake. We had not considered friends or family left behind. We were on our own and feeling very lonely. The Men’s Shed has allowed me to get to know others and we are now feeling settled. I am pleased to be sharing my mechanical skills with other men but learning from them also. Mick 2016 on


People are important to me – getting to know them and developing relationships with them. We are living at a time when giving time to whatever and whoever needs it is so important to building a sound community. “The Shed” is doing this for us. SAMS is helping everyone to experience companionship with men from all walks of life and life journeys. Bob 2016


When you have been left alone by bereavement, you value casual conversation of any sort, and the chance to share common interests with other blokes is an added bonus. We are all making different individual contributions and enjoying the fun of working together. Roger 2016


 A great morning at the She-Shed today with visitors from Sirius Minerals Foundation. Lots of enjoyable activities including French polishing, wood turning, sewing, knitting and rag rugging. Shedders brought in a variety of home bakes and nibbles enjoyed by members and visitors alike.  Marie  31/1/2018


Bob and I had hopes for the Shed and isolated men, but the hopes went nowhere near what has happened. To see withdrawn, low mood, confidence lacking people become rounded Shedders (in different moulds) has been truly astounding. Women and men. There’s a certain magic about the way it happens – if people are willing to engage, the process can be remarkably fast. Graham 6/2/2018




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