Shed Life in August

Collecting this week’s actions in Sheds in pictures as we go through the week.

  • Five feather banners have arrived and will be distributed to play with (do Shedders play?). One each for Staithes, Whitby, BayThorpe, KidzMakingGood and (new) Sleights Youth Shed. 

  • A Record Power AC400 (wow or not depending on whether you know what it is!) has been purchased for BayThorpe Shed. It is an air cleaner which sits there merrily drawing air through two filters to clean the air of dust particles as small as 1 micron. The other Sheds have one each and they do their job if people remember to turn them on.

These clear the atmosphere, as it were, but it is better to remove as much saw dust as possible as source using the mobile dust extractor already there connected to any piece of equipment.

Two levels of filter airborne dust passes through.




This can be suspended from a ceiling, sat on a worktop or integrated into the base of a unit vertically (Lance from Grosmont has his air cleaner vertical in a housing). In fact it can be any way, as long as air can freely enter and exit. An induction motor makes the unit quietly hum.

  • Follow this link to the story of a sufferer of social anxiety. It is from Huffpost, republished by Microsoft. We will be receiving mental health awareness training for the Sheds by SWR MIND in early autumn 2019.
              If anxiety plays on your mind, please do consult your GP but also remember you are a part of the Sheds family in Whitby District where we should be providing a friendly, welcoming haven for you and for others too. 

    Alan & Co :-

  • Monday at Staithes Shed saw Shedder Alan return for a visit and also Shedder Malcolm to show us his very polished fencing project at home. The car found its wheels and the electronics of the traffic lights are now ready for installation. The LCD controller is programmable via a lap top. Well done Martin
  • Monday at BayThorpe Shed saw brambles on the bank tackled and more of the  worktop pedestals made, ready for this Thursday’s push! Lots more sets of wheels to be taken for slide under units and the air cleaner too.  
  • Tuesday at Littlebeck saw the assembly of the wheelbarrows which we now know are called “dillies”. We hope that SAMS does not dilly-dally on the way.
  • Tuesday at Whitby Men’s Shed saw Robert in to visit and Mike making an easel. However, the big event was raising our first standard to highlight the Sheds existence. It will be flying when Royalty or the Shed is there but it will not be permanently in place.  It has a separate base that will allow it to be used at events also. Graham took a call at WHIMS from a doctor at Sleights Surgery. Tony and Ray leapt to grab the first aid box. It was not a medical matter, however, but an enquiry as to whether a Shed might repair a distressed, near terminal bird table in the Surgery garden! Yes, was the reply, and it will be done under the NHS with no charge at the point of delivery.
    The bird table, held together by elastic bands, has been collected (by ambulance 🙂 ) and will likely be under the saw at Littlebeck next week. 
  • Wednesday at She Shed was a good turn out of well turned out ladies and a couple of passers-by on the trod who Hannah lured in. To be fair, they were friends of Hannah’s so there was no question of it being abduction!
    It was just one of those good days, with Katy painting some large letters for a sign board, Hannah on the lathe, Tony and Betty re-gluing garden chairs (using a work of art in clamping), Maeve knitting and others suffering sleep deprivation! 
    All good stuff.
  • Thursday at Staithes we raised the flag, Maggie changed the livery of the car from blue to anthracite. Had to remove the wheels again for that! We added a speedometer too. We also heard that the next tranche of funding is released (which means our half-time 12 month report has been accepted). 

  • Thursday at BayThorpe completed the support structure of the worktop for the equipment trolleys underneath. Final two trolleys next week and then the equipment can be added to the trolleys. Olly made some drawer units and will add white drawer fronts. We shall be undertaking some electrics shortly, starting with new LED lighting in two new runs. 
  • Graham met up with Shirley, Merv’s wife, who Littlebeck Shedders will know. Got the family gossip but also learnt that she has taken to running (and walking up-hill!) in her locality.She is using the “Couch to 5K” phone app  which measures distances and times run, walked, seated (!) etc.  It is an NHS resource that’s free. See more here.

One of Shirley’s sons made this light some years ago. It would go down a bomb at the Steam Punk days in Whitby. Anyone got any gauges?

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