Saturday 8th December from 1pm at Eskmouth Scout Hall. For Whitby and Staithes Shedders and friends to relax and simply socialise. Please let Marie at Whitby, Linda at Staithes and Roger at Littlebeck know you are coming (and the number).

Now for some pictures of Monday and “Happy Staithes are here again” 🙂

Tom, Graham, Martin and Colin are missing from these shots. Tom brought in roofing sheets to put on our external gazebo on Thursday (if the weather is dry), Martin has some cunning thoughts on water supply and Colin is to set up a corner office next week with broadband dongle. What diversity!

Graham does not often get to SAMS now (on a Tuesday and Thursday at Littlebeck). Paula offered to take piccies if she comes (all the way from Redcar). Her 3 photos below.

Now onto Wednesday and the She Shed. They finished the tree with a spot of help also from Tony, next Maggie’s daughter transported it in her van, then it was placed in St. Mary’s (of the 199 steps!). Many trees there and well worth the effort to see the many organisations and causes who have contributed. 

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