Sh(ar)ed Experience Event 4th April 2018

Quite simply, the event went off well. 42 attended, including representatives from about 9 Sheds/initiatives in the NY/Scarborough region who each said a little something about themselves. It was well catered for by our She-Shedders and Aussie Len gave an excellent interview  providing very informative background information on the “originating” Shedding scene. Len also brought greetings from the person who founded what is considered the first Shed on the outskirts of Sydney. He was a son of Yorkshire apparently!

Len & Ros at Thirk’s James Herriot Museum.

We welcomed a number of supporters of Whitby Area Sheds and Sheds in the region generally. Karen Atkinson of NYCC Stronger Communities programme took some well meaning Shed banter and Samantha Slinger-Beever of RVS (they have supported Sheds through a funding scheme with ASDA) was there and Andy Ryland of Community First Yorkshire. We clearly heard from Len the importance of cooperative, collaborative working in communities and openness to opportunities. Networking at all levels usually turns out to be a strong influencing factor in Shed development. 

In June (14th) Community First Yorkshire is arranging an event in Harrogate to promote Sheds generally and Scarborough MATES are keen to do a get together in the autumn.

The atmosphere was typically Shed chaotic (!) but the relationships were very warm indeed (SAMS thought). You will see a cameraman (Iain Hale of MATES) who (we hope!!) recorded some good footage (metreage?). Let’s see what happens as the scissors get to work.

Thank you individual Shedders who attended and for the support you (and yours) are giving to the Shed movement and to helping one another. In Whitby Area we now look forward to getting on with the Staithes Sheds and engaging with those who can benefit from Sheds there.

Len and Ros paid a visit to Littlebeck which they visited 18 months ago for a very short visit.Here is a story that must be told. On their way to Littlebeck they went through Ugglebarnby to the junction with Littlebeck Lane where  an “old style” very attractive signpost points in 3 directions. Could a dastardly prank have been executed on April 1st with the directions rotated so that Littlebeck was pointed to in the direction of a track and not a road? Aussies are used to dirt roads, so it took reaching a farmyard down the track to persuade the Len & Ros that they should not be in the outback :-).

Len’s backdrop slideshow:


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