Several Thousand Words

My break in Oz did not mean that Whitby District Sheds took a nap. 

Catching up for anyone reading the blog is being done by pictures, primarily. Here goes and in random order.

Liz took up crochet 6 weeks ago

This is a doggie coat










3D Printing man, Phil.

Liz relaxes with a cuppa



This is an object like a large nut, made for Liz.

Brian is boring . . . . a hole through his table lamp.














Tony has finished the Café Cart for the Whitby Doing Place project that has started

This is the Whitby Wyrm made by the Krampus team. It had an outing for the Goth weekend.















New Arrival at Whitby Shed, reported by Rob

The adventure started with a phone call:

“I have something that may be of use to your Shed”.

We love to receive these sort of calls, this time is was John Howarth, a Whitby local and a vintage photography equipment enthusiast. He even has his own home cinema.

The beauty on offer was a Coronet Minor Home Workshop Lathe and it sounded exciting. Rob called round to have look, noted that is was a trailer job but didn’t come away empty handed. John rewarded him with a large bag of nuts, bolts, screws and fittings!

The next episode involved a visit from Rob and Graham to ‘trailer’ the find to Whitby Shed. Risking all sorts of injuries they loaded it into the trailer and towed it away to its new destination.

Installed in a prime position at the Shed the Coronet Minor has now become the latest talking point. John had added two boxes of accessories, tools and manuals, so no excuse not to get started.

So what have we gained?

A new toy but also another connection with the community. John has since visited us and says he is very impressed with what we do (Rob actually has him down as a potential new Whitby shedder).

Now read the fascinating story of Coronet.

















Sing-Along in Sheds

And we had a young lady with us today as part of “The Doing Place”.  She made a dog and cone.  I said CONE!

Tony cut some pretty random pieces of wood and found a glue gun. No idea what to make although Miss T saw the head with ears as the first step. Tony found bottle caps and one became a nose. Katy then found a box of eyes which immediately gave Doggie a personality.

Mum came up with the idea of using a rectangular piece for the body to create a resting dog and then Graham suggested it needed supports to stay upright. Hey presto, the foyr legs provided balance!

A real team contributed effort.

Next activity was to make a display board for sea shells. It needed two holes drilled for a hanging cord and Miss T controlled the drill.


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