Set to be another varied Sheds’ week

Mud kitchens/workbenches, rubber tyres, BayThorpe Shed drop in, foundations for Littlebeck labyrinth, joyful Shedders . . .

Hot news. Wednesday BayThorpe drop in surpasses expectations!!

15 people attend the drop in. All with serious intent. Each for different reasons. A very encouraging beginning.

Stuart Purdie, Ian Alexander, Elaine Marsh and Steve Foster are the start up overseers for BayThorpe Shed. But it’ll be a team effort and not as sedate as the gathering above!
Below is an email from Stuart to all present.

Hi everyone

Just a quick note to say thank you all for coming to the Shed meeting yesterday afternoon.

We never know how many to expect, but for the initial launch discussion we were overwhelmed.

We shall be keeping you informed as we progress, and hope we could be running by early June. We have one or two tasks to see to first, including Insurance and some improvements to lighting and other electrical needs.

As I say we will keep you updated, and also let you know if there are any tasks that need doing in the setting up period that you may wish to help with.
Thanks on behalf of the steering committee.

Elaine, Graham, Ian, Steve and Stuart

Have you missed the boat?

Not at all.
If you live in Fylingthorpe or The Bay, find Stuart Purdie, Elaine Marsh, Steve Foster or Ian Alexander. Alternatively, email

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