Scary Halloween Doings

The unknown can often feel scary. Make a start and often the fear slips away. That’s our experience.

Another busy day at Staithes today ….nice to see Aidan working his magic on the 3D printer/CNC /laser cutter magic machine…..he also had time to help with greenhouse roof which was much appreciated…..

Our cuppa today was accompanied by Phill’s now famous lemon drizzle cake which went down a treat….

Liz and Martyn continued the wood preservative coating on the greenhouse inner panels …..and ( drum roll …..)

the greenhouse now has a completed roof …

In the photos you can seen Phill praying to the heavens and Jim and Ken surveying the completed roof ….

the next step is to put polycarbonate on the structure either side of the door followed by internal shelves , benches etc ….

This is Phill after the prayer when he realised he was not yet wet!

Jim with Ken on the right. The whole thing has been a team effort.











Aidan is mentioned (well praised indeed). Justifiably!!  Aidan will be one of the Trustees of Whitby Town Shed as Whitby moves to follow BayThorpe and Norton into Charity Commission registration.  One of the present joys is the way individuals in different Sheds are helping out others and giving moral support to the combined efforts.

Whitby Town Shed and Whitby Doing Place’s busy day 

Glad to see both Rob and Marie back at the Shed after a couple of weeks being unwell. The place is not the same when any of the “family” are missing.

Katy finished the tea shop jigsaw in double quick time. Marie was well on with her wonderful embroidery, Ray was advancing his needlework box (well, for his wife) and Tony got with his screw table. Betty joined in too with Elaine there too.

We embarked on a project that prepares for winter. by creating a rapid assembly, rapid dismantling screened area to reduce draughts and retain heat in the big hall. Some ingenuity in it.  Heating by our radiants.

We also agreed a new Constitution for registration with the Charity Commission. Trustees to be Rob, Marie, Aidan, Betty, Bryn and Graham. Our thanks to them for stepping forward (or not stepping back in time).

Krampus was there en masse with a massive buffet where Graham filched a ham roll for his journey back over the Moor.

Two of seven walling units

Ray doing precision work








Tony using screws for a unit to hold screws!

Marie’s embroidery for her C&G studies








Finished jigsaw just like Botham’s!

Our Trustees plus Graham behind the camera.









Two of 8 Krampus Krew on the White Dragon

Three male Krampus heads











Norton Shed on BBC Radio Tees today 

It was recoded by Izzy at the Monday morning Shed. Broadcast this morning at 10.45am. It’s a story that can be told at anyof our Sheds in fact. Different players but the same plot.

Norton Shed managed to submit its Charity Registration and that has helped Whitby Town Shed to benefit and to hopefully submit theirs this weekend. 

The DAG Krampus Trike is nearly fully adorned

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