Scarborough MATES open new premises

MATES – Men and Tools Enjoy Sheds

Our relationship with Scarborough MATES goes back to 2017 when a group of 5 visited Littlebeck Shed for a bit of “how to” guidance. The fact is that the team already had the important ingredients – determination and enthusiasm.

For 3 years they have operated from a basement area at a church building in Scarborough but having to get out and put away at each session because the hall used had other uses.

The group began to search for premises that could be dedicated to Shed use and followed several leads unsuccessfully. Finally, this year, one of the Shed members approached a local business about a building used as a store that Salvage Hunters would surely have liked to rake through. 

The answer was a prompt “yes” once the business knew what Sheds stand for.  MATES enthusiasm rubbed off on the business and on Sirius Minerals Foundation with a significant grant. Plus the support of NYCC Stronger Communities.

Last Wednesday was the grand opening. Here are some photos taken when we joined in their celebration. See the variety of activities that the premises can support.

Just showing you the door!  Number 8 is the building unit number on the site.

Model railway by members. Featuring Scarborough

Grand Hotel façade by a lady member.


Metal working equipment donated. Massive!

Detailing a ship’s mast

Going potty

The pottery master. He teaches pottery at Scarborough U3A. Look at the delightful crooked houses!

Iain Hale, Shed Leader. A principal instigator of MATES. Making a welcome speech.

Charles, the treasurer, sporting hat and T shirt with Shed and UKMSA logos displayed

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