The Sheds are wonderful places for Shedders to give back something out of gratitude, for many different reasons. Much of the giving back is by giving help to each other in the Sheds but also sometimes outside.

A couple of months ago we helped a lad from outside, inside two of our Sheds. We helped him as you will see from the mind map but also the Youth Justice service who supervised his hours with us which were aimed at reparation to a victim and society. Hopefully helping the lad to review “life” and consequences.

His evaluation of benefits at SAMS and WHIMS

20 hours of work, half with us and making two bird boxes for different locations. This was a mutual decision by the three parties involved – the victim, Youth Justice and the lad. He learnt much more than use of tools and the output was more than two bird boxes! All fitting the Men Shed ethos really.

Here are some photos, carefully chosen by the lad and Youth Justice. The Sheds wish the lad well.

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