There’s a Remembrance Service at Norton Sports Charity (where the Norton Shed lives) on Saturday 12th November. The silhouette and poppies was a combined effort of Norton Shed and the Sports Charity staff.


It is important to remember the sacrifices others made for our freedom and benefit, but it is important to remember our own Shedders who for health reasons are unable to attend our Sheds. We think particularly of Marie and Colin. 

Rob and Bryn visited Marie and Colin and gave them each a bouquet of flowers and some chocolate nibbles. They are grateful for the fact that they are kept in touch with goings on in the Sheds. 

Pat from Norton Shed paid a visit also to catch the spirit of Whitby.

A brilliant day at Whitby Town Shed of mixed activities and ages.

Aiden is a man of many talents. Crochet as well as installing software.

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