Playing Catch Up

There’s a lot of it about at the moment.  A lot of activity getting the Sheds back to normal but also several new opportunities to connect the community.  A lot to catch up with.

First we catch up with Ed Horwood of North Yorkshire Youth Justice Service and the Pop Up Shed:

 ‘Pop-Up Shed’ Update
Hello Shedders.  We are delighted to report that North Yorkshire Youth Justice Service’s Pop-up Shed project, which closed mid-March 2020 due to COVID-19, restarted in February of this year. 
You may recall our launch in March 2019 as a flexible, low-cost solution to the unavailability of workshop space for young people on community court orders, after we gained inspiration from Whitby Area Sheds. 

Hedgehog house

Transported in the boot of a car and using donated materials, the project allows young people to design and make items from wood off cuts and pallets.  These are given to charities and good causes.  Our young people attain the satisfaction of giving back to their community, gain confidence and pride in their creativity, and learn vocational skills whilst working in a safe, supportive environment. 
To date, this resource has deployed in young people’s gardens and inside their houses, community centres, a children’s nursery, elderly person’s care home, back room of a café, a charity’s workshop, a school, a workshop space at a Fire Station.  Community organisations and businesses provide funds, materials, tools and venues. 

Planter and Bug Hotel

To date, over 260 hours, 27 young people have engaged in the project, making 71 items.  Beneficiaries are victims of offending, religious organisations, charities and trusts, children’s nurseries, Forestry Commission, care homes, schools, a fire station, environmental, and canine and wildlife rescue charities.
Further good news comes in the form of enquiries from another Youth Offending Team who approached us late last year.  After receiving information concerning the Pop-up Shed project, they have now decided to replicate it in their own area for the benefit of the young people and communities they work with. 

Garden table from reclaimed wood.

So, as we were inspired to set up the Pop-up Shed by the Whitby Area Sheds, others have now taken their lead from us.  We very much look forward to seeing how their project develops and to sharing good practice and lessons learned with them in the future.

A cross made for a church

Some recent examples of projects made by our young people can be seen in the photos .
For further information about the Pop-up Shed project please contact Ed Horwood,
Reparation & Volunteer Development Officer,
North Yorkshire Youth Justice Service.



The pop-up Shed may have inspired by a helping hand from the Whitby Sheds, but the work Ed and those who have undertaken this form of reparation for misdeeds has inspired us in the Sheds.

Rob got busy with his camera.

Colouring sheets and crayons for kids. Adults figuring out the kind of head dress to make starting with wire

The final stages of assembly of the Krampus Kart.

Good to see families involved 🙂


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