Picturesque Bay

Press release time means it is very helpful to have something visual to go with the words. We have not developed a logo yet, but we are on the way with the advertising postcard that has been done for all our Sheds to date.

The question is, “what visual”? Each of our postcards is unique in design, the Whitby Men’s Shed being a ‘men at work’ triangle. Probably because at the time Whitby seemed the capital of road works! The backs (the purpose of Sheds) are almost identical though.

So we Googled (often a good start for ideas). We Googled RHB. Eventually, up popped a rather atmospheric painting of the bottom of the Bay by artist Lorna Markillie which was the end result (literally) of her Coast to Coast Walk.

Thus, we approached her for permission to use the image. In an overnight turnaround in response, Lorna wrote the following.


I have looked at Men’s and Woman’s Sheds and love it.

I have sold my original of my watercolour of the Robin Hood Bay but am happy to donate a print version for use as long as my copyright and website – LornaMarkillieArt is clearly shown on the postcards, any Posters etc and only for the Sheds use.

If you just confirm this will be the case I will  send you a high quality JPEG.

Best regards


There you are. Greatly appreciated and lovely that Lorna has that C2C connection. THANK YOU.

Oh, the image and postcard design? Here is the postcard front and back. To be available w/c 25th March.

Lorna’s website subtitle is “Everything I do is a work of heart”. Hmmmm. That fits.

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