Physically making sheds

In Staithes the lining of the wooden Shed is coming on and should be done by early December. 

It is already distinctly warmer inside than out with over half of the walls lined. The wind can blow across the sports field and now the wind cannot simply blow through the gaps!

We also had Lena come with her son. Lena first came a few months ago.

Tony pushed with his masterpiece model Shed. He put in the wood burning stove, windows and lighting. Santa will be snug inside (though there’s a big hole in the wall!

It all looks realistic at model scale. Life size are the other Shedders at work.


Back in Staithes

We had a last minute visitation to the Staithes Shed from 3 Knit & Natterers (without knitting). Graham was about to go to BayThorpe with Maggie when the call came in from Brian. 3 women were on the way. Clearly, this needed special measures and reinforcement so Graham went to get a radiant heat lamp from his garage in case these ladies were snowflakes. 

Not on your life were they snowflakes but three very community orientated locals well into a range of local groups, both benefiting and very evidently giving their time. They told us of some of the other activities in the village going on and we talked a little about the children and young people’s work in Staithes. 

However ,. . . . . in his unaccustomed anxiety to make sure they did not suffer cold Graham put on the heater he had brought. It worked for a while until we added an electric kettle to the equipment in use and the power tripped out! We ended up sitting with the heater in the Visiting Teams changing room in the Club.  No one took a shower! 

It was fun and we look forward to them coming possibly on a Monday. There is a wish to do woodwork by the way. 

Ken kept his coat on but persevered with the router he had repaired and even made a wooden size adaptor to connect two extraction tubes of different sizes.

Malcolm worked in the wooden Shed, receiving later further lining boards for use week. Tom stood to attention (but we paid him little attention) and Brian worked with lathe-expert Lance to turn a wooden seat for a metal framed breakfast bar chair for Marie in the Whitby Shed. 

A new table saw made an appearance. The only thing else to say was that it was a cold day.


SAMS at Littlebeck is busy but photos are in short supply!

A Woman Shedder from Sleights has joined the Shed! Following in Maggie’s and Paula’s footsteps. Graham’s barber, Mick,  in Whitby has identified a customer who lives in Sleights and will provide details of the Shed next time he comes in for a trim. Mick is putting up one of our Shed posters for other customers to see. 

Workwise, Dave is restoring a garden bench (an antique one). The cast legs needed shot blasting and Roger arranged that. More prayer trees have been made as gifts to other churches. The turners have been busy and so have the stick makers. If they got together we might end up with a candlestick maker! The chapel are providing a lunchtime food treat on Tuesday 26th. 

A prayer tree made in the Shed

Wood medallions for visitors to buy

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