Opening up with Caution

Tuesday 18th,  BayThorpe Shed

Today at Bay Shed, Steve put the finishing touches to his nail puzzle( in the background a goblet he’d turned) Simon scratched his head and couldn’t work out the puzzle, so Steve had to show him how it was done. 

Ian paid a brief visit , to cut out a heart for his daughter’s first home.

Remember  Bonnie Tyler??? We have Olly Tiler, there is no end to this man’s talents.  He’s emulsioned the toilet walls too, much more hygienic.

Tuesday 18th at the new/old SAMS

Yes, the Garage Shed! We got all the kit in, including the band saw and table saw. According to the layout plan done for Covid-19 precautions. 

Here are 4 corner shots and one into the gazebo. There is need for putting more tools away (you can’t see small power tools on the floor!) ans a little more weather proofing needed but we are there to open in one week’s time on the old Tuesday and Thursday pattern. Also able to use other times by arrangement with the landlord’s wife.

Wednesday 19th, Whitby Shed

We have done some external work but we are making our way indoors. The picture sums up what we did but it does not say it all.

Just seeing each other and rejoining some banter was a great relief and we sorted the Covid-19 precautions ready for opening to do some furniture restoration and bird boxes next week.

It is when you have been denied something that you come to value what you had and wish to have it back.




Thursday 20th August Staithes Shed

A new prospective Shedder, John, arrived and joined a trial indoor day (with excursions outside into the sun!). John was introduced to the sliding circular saw and a small team made a first litter bin for the Sports & Social Club. It just needs the lid made next Monday! Why a lid? To foil the seagulls who pull out contents in the search for food.

John brought his dog Jack. It’s Maggie looking after him. Very well behaved, both of them.

John and Brian passing a plank in a socially distanced way.



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