Open House at BayThorpe Shed, a Shedder & Carer Account, New Enquiries

Come and see for yourself!

This was the idea BayThorpe Shed put forward to promote itself and to educate locals and visitors to The Bay as to what goes on in a Shed! It was a great success with between 35 and 40 people coming to look on the open morning. One lady made a bird box while she was there. It was a very positive day. 

A prominent notice of invitation to locals and visitors. On the wall of the Village Hall.

Shedders showing off their wares to the camera. This motley crew were the foundation of BayThorpe Shed.

Some delightful items, some repurposing artefacts.










One visitor made a bird box!

Ready for Christmas











Looks like someone not off their trolley!!

Whitby Sheds are inclusive of people with a range of potential needs. 

Everybody in a Shed is an individual and the group endeavours to shape itself to include all sorts. The primary consideration has to be safety 

and wellbeing of the group, however.

What follows is the experience of a carer of a Shedder.  It reveals what a Shed can do for someone despite the memory slipping. It also reveals the impact on the carer when they work closely with the Shed. It is a delight to see a good degree of independence being provided.

Lisa Pollard writes about her mum and our Shedding colleague, Maggie:-

Always the doer!

“The Sheds couldn’t have come at a better time for my mum. It entered her life at a time when she was more able to remember her day to day activity. It gave her a purpose, a sense of belonging to something other than her family, a home from home. It also gave her a desire to get stuck in and be helpful: lifting, carrying, watering the troops and tidying up after them.
Some mornings she would be gripped by apathy, and wouldn’t want to leave the house but after a little encouragement she would attend and bring home a silly story or report of the banter and always a smile.
Lockdown proved to be a difficult time with her becoming a little more detached but the arrival of the Talking Sheds zoom sessions helped to pull mum out of those dips. Even when there was not much to report in terms of what she’d been getting up to she would love to hear the stories from familiar faces.
The community has benefitted us as a family also, providing a little respite each week and always very kindly on hand to help with transport to and from the Shed.
Thank you Staithes Shed and all concerned, you have changed all our lives for the better!

Maggie is just one of quite a contingent of Shedders we’ve had over the years who are at various stages of forgetfulness but who are more than capable of looking after themselves and contributing to the buzz of a Shed. They help make the atmosphere just as much as anybody else. 

New enquiries about  Shed memberships are coming forward. Now we are up and running again (and have done some summer cleaning!) we are ready for newcomers. 


Into the Suggestion Box

This came from Staithes Shedder Malcolm.  Something to think about.

Morning All,

Reflecting on our conversation in the Shed yesterday, you touched on a suggestion that had been made for a 3D Printer to be costed in to a Shed budget. I’m definitely no expert in operating such computer controlled machines however, from my observations in YouTube University, a CNC Router could be very beneficial. There are a mass of YouTube video’s on CNC machines of all sizes.

Three videos, if you take the time to watch, gives a very good introduction.

The first is the basics, the second has a guy our age who takes you through the operation of his CNC Router setting up the computer program, and the third is a young lady I admire for her dedication, April Wilkerson, who over 6 years has grown her business from a hobby level to a full time business with three or four large CNC machines costing mega-bucks employing 5 or more staff with her mother in charge of dispatch.

All good viewing, time permitting.

18 months ago before the pandemic, you suggested creating a small motif to be stuck on any product made by the Shedders. A CNC Router could knock out several hundred motifs from one small sheet of ply.

(389) CNC Basics – What You Need To Get Started – YouTube

(389) Can you make money with a CNC machine? I make signs! – YouTube

(389) CNC Shop Tour | My CNC Business – YouTube


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