Occasionally, a Serious Note

The Shed movement that now spans the globe (with Aussie roots, of course) is greatly rewarding to Shedders and really helps our wellbeing. However, Sheds are not the only show in town and nor do they meet universal need.

The community needs variety and choice.

There comes a time for some Shedders to move on for a variety of reasons. Woodchopper Brian (originally of SAMS) somehow discovered the art of writing, particularly in poetry. He does pop along from time to time and he may be bumped into in Sainsbury’s, but basically he has discovered something very creative and fulfilling that does not involve wood! We helped him at a period in his life and introduced him to writing (yes, we really did).

We need poetry and writing groups in our community and a host of other things too. We need to help each other thrive as best we can.

We are fortunate in that the Shed model (supported in UK by the UK Men’s Shed Association) is primarily a volunteer organised and led “family” business. We run on a shoe string. But some largely volunteer work needs a paid member of staff or even several. They need income for that and funding applications become a way of life to survive financially.

There is an element of competitiveness because funding streams are limited. But competitiveness can be detrimental if it drives down competitors for funding (even in different fields). It would be great if there was enough synergy for different projects to work together and even bid together. Maybe a Graham pipe-dream:-)!

If you feel like a read to send you to sleep then read this recently published study.

At least, look at the summary. Collaboration builds community. Competition – harshly conducted – can be quite destructive to the mix of needs to be met. 




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