Occasional good news!

It’s sometimes the unsolicited seemingly small things that are the gold in the Sheds.


We received this from one of our Shedders who read about the exploits scheduled for next week at ShedFest 2019. They reminisced therefore!

“You all know my story and I am so grateful for the chance meeting in February 2017. 
Your amazing care and nurturing in my hours of need changed my life and I am eternally in your debt .
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Then a brief message from Elaine about Thursday at BayThorpe Shed. Some quite moving detail about Shed development that many of our Shedders can identify with. Small things, but . . . .

“Danny gave Joe a lesson on the [table] saw and Olly and Simon cracked on with the fronts [of the units].
I had to leave at 1 for a long meeting, so told Olly to leave the clearing up til I got back. When I returned at 4, he and Danny had tidied  and swept up!
Olly got a vice at a good price from a neighbour.” 


Elaine did not say what she did but it sounds like there was some management going on and maybe even cups of tea:-)

It is the willingness of individuals to get stuck in that  helps the Shed and them too. Brilliant to see the concept turned into reality. 

Front “clip-on” covers now added. Drawers look as if they are being rearranged? A very neat job  at a low cost!  It’s what we like 🙂

Joe is trying his hand at everything with Danny in teacher mode (at Bash Street School?). Note the feather flag flying (how’s that for what I remember from school as alliteration).

At the intermediate stage making the front covers. BTW, the plan is to use the existing tables for support as required with protective boards on them that are slid away for storage.

These photos are for D-Day-7. With a little more work on Monday we will have reached the goal of opening next Thursday for prospective BayThorpe Shedders. We can then better focus on people – which is what Sheds are about. There will be plenty of Shed building tasks to do (like covering in the lathe and creating the “pull-out” room for Scout leaders to sleep separately from the youngsters).

However, we can get on with other projects of all sorts that Shedders can choose to do themselves – helping each other to fill in personal knowledge and skill gaps!

What Sheds do is not a numbers game, it is as far as possible a change in direction game. 

Graham and his other half have been in the Stratford-Upon-Avon area this week with Shearings!  Strange, because after breakfast one morning they Skyped their Aussie family branch to discover that grandson Henry was just being driven to his Scout meeting in Stratford-on-Avon (pronounced Afon it seems). It was the opening of their recently refurbished Scout Hut 🙂

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