Not So Bright

Bright is to the north-east of Melbourne AU up the Great Alpine Road that climbs over Mount Hotham, down towards a town called Bright. It is renowned for its autumn colours (in our Spring time, of course).

The journey over Mount Hotham was not so bright. Sharp twists and turns with some long drops and dense low cloud/fog. No views on the way, but beautiful as we returned two days later.

Bright was chosen for Aussie Len and his wife Ros to meet Graham and Joan. You may remember the story of how the two couples met by accident at the Victoria Farm Plant Centre in Whitby two years ago.

Anyway, it was a good opportunity to catch up face2face without Skype! Here are a few photos and particularly of some of the items the Labrador Shed has made.

Here is an interesting object in a park.

It’s a bike repair/adjustment station with various tools on metal cables. A bike could rest on the bars.

Graham has been busy, you will be pleased to know. Using what he has learnt from the Whitby and Staithes Men to make a multipurpose surface. It could be a work bench, a kitchen, a bank or a flower shop, according to granddaughter Rosie. Henry worked with his grandfather to pull this off.

The mesh panels cost 50 cents each (about 25p) at an “Op Shop” (the equivalent of a charity shop).

This was a visit to a notable chainsaw carver, John Brady. His work appears in many public places. He specialises in life sized carvings.

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