No Rest for the Wicked

or the good come to that. 

Jim poses a deep question. 

Hi All 

What is the difference between Staithes Shed and Barker and Stonehouse showroom…..well judging by the attached photos we’ve got a great display …..we spent some time today having a good tidy and found a great place for our sofas ….you can see Brian and Malcolm arranging the cupboards , even finding a display place for the items made on our lathes ….we didn’t have bacon buns today so how about next Monday ? 
Guess his answer is that there is no difference, except for the smell of fresh cooked bacon or last weeks whiff lingering on!.

Looks like someone can read.

A newly acquired cuddle up sofa

The lounge for . . . . lounging with a cuppa.

Now to a burning issue at Staithes Shed and some warm hearts
Jim reports that today has been very interesting at the Shed ….we have seen  the culmination of something that started as an idea and has been supported by local firms who have given their generosity, pure kindness and above all an understanding and appreciation of what Sheds are about …truly humbling.
These local firms were British Steel who provided our steel plate base, John Nesbit Engineering who at literally minutes notice provided transport from the steel works to our Shed for the plate ….to Ben McGrath (and his colleague) who , today , installed our wood burner free of charge .. as I say totally humbling that they got what we are about and supported us.
In addition to the wood burner we also had a visit from S B Roofing who came along to do some additional work on the annex/store where following their previous work we still had a leak promised they returned and hopefully that is now fixed.
Brian was here today and was able to progress work on the pew … 
And as for us Shedders …the wood burner would not be possible without All  our input …remember the bricks we lifted from outside , we cleaned some up , we designed the brick layout collectively , we mixed the mortar , we laid the bricks …we maybe even practiced some new skills …above all we maybe, just maybe, enjoyed doing it and hopefully it will enhance the Shed for new folks that need a Shed.
Chestnuts roasting next winter maybe?
The Dalesmen Male Voice Choir
Dalesmen Male Voice ChoirIt’s early days yet in terms of arrangements, but the  Dalesmen have approached us with the offer of a fundraising concert for Whitby district Sheds later this year if possible.
Our Big Col was a member of the Dalesmen for many years so this offer is quite special.  

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