News from near and far

Near first. Liverton Mines, in fact. Just up the coast from Staithes.

Margaret was a woodworker (we’ve mentioned that before) but for health reasons she has had to give that up. She has given us some very good kit that is in use across our Sheds. There is more to strip out, like ducting for dust capture.

Margaret had a need. Her personal shed was leaking and needed fixing. In times past, she would have been up there re-felting and patching the roof but she realised we at Staithes Shed lacked gainful work. Thus we promised to repair as a gesture of thanks and lo, on the day after Boxing Day, two Brians and a Graham turned up.

They resembled the cast of the “Last of the Summer Wine”. The banter was a treat that cheered up a quiet Christmas for the three lads. The sun eventually shone

And now the far.

Len, our Shedder on the Gold Coast has sent a calendar from the Australian Men’s Shed Association (AMSA). The cover and two typical months are selected for you to see. Don’t shoot the messenger:-)

We are astounded at the lack of safety equipment for protection. No goggles or masks. The coffin shows some forethought though

Don’t forget that December is a bit warmer in Oz than in the North of England.

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