News about “Eddie the Sheddie”

It is with sadness we report the passing of Eddie Carolan on New Year’s Eve. 

Eddie brought natural, good natured banter to the Shed by his presence. Often he would inform us that the Queen had asked him to come over from Ireland to sort the English out. Was it Queen Victoria?, we’d ask.

One of his favourite lines in response to jibes was that he did not have to come to the Shed, he could easily go elsewhere for better insults! 

Eddie Carolan, a founding member of Sleights Area Men’s Shed (SAMS)

This was the Eddie we knew and loved. He enjoyed the company of Shedders and was an important brick in our Shed development in Littlebeck but also in its expansion to other localities for the good of others.

How was it that Eddie joined the Shed venture? He and Graham crossed paths through Eddie’s wife Veronica, She came to Sleights as Vicar and, of course, Eddie came too but fully retired.

Eddie however hugely missed his former friends and workmates, and the shared banter he enjoyed with them.  Eddie and others needed a Men’s Shed without knowing it!

When SAMS opened in early 2016 Eddie and other early Shedders helped shape the Shed into a family of Shedders, rather than just a place to go. 

We each have our personal memories of Eddie but we share the same gratitude for having had him amongst our ranks.  

We remember Vron (as Eddie called his wife) and the family at this time.

Graham, Roger and Bob on behalf of the Shedders

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