New Week, Nice Day and Encouragements

This Monday morning before 8am encouragements have already started to arrive.

Here is one forwarded by Elaine about BayThorpe.

No dancing around this contribution

Robs Repairs: Dansette Record Player

Spurred on by recent discussions of Repair Cafe’s and Let’s Mend It, Rob was encouraged to drag this beauty from his loft.
I have always loved vinyl and like most of us grew up with it. All we had then was radio and records (until tape recorders came along)

I have owned this mustard yellow Dansette Capri for about twenty years. A neighbour was selling it and I thought ‘why not?’. Of course it was tried and tested at the time but I was not pleased with the sound quality and it was put aside in a spare room. From time to time visitors enquired if I wanted to sell .. but no, I could not part with it.

When I moved to Whitby it escaped the ‘lets get rid of it’ heap and accompanied me. Last month I thought it was about time to sort the loft out and there it was!

I plugged it in, switched it on, waited for the valves to warm up and placed a record on the turntable. Once again I was greeted by that not so hi-fi Dansette sound!! [was that when his foot went through the ceiling?]

Rumour has it that Rob was the male model for the advert.

Later Dansette’s were manufactured for the teenager market in the 60’s and were never regarded as particularly high quality. Despite this they have achieved ‘collectable’ status and are now sought after.

Googling “Dansette Restoration” I discovered that these players can now be dramatically improved using contemporary replacement parts. The first part to look at is the cartridge (this holds the stylus and converts the mechanical vibration to an electrical output). These used to be poor quality and deteriorated rapidly with age, so first replace it. There was also a ‘mains hum’ buzz caused by a failed capacitor so this was also changed.

It now sounded a lot better but still crackled when playing. I though initially that this was the volume or tone control potentiometer but it turned out to be just a corroded valve holder!

It now sounds quite acceptable and as good as it can get [or he can get it]. I have enjoyed the restoration and learned a lot.
It will be making an appearance at the Doing Place soon…so do bring along your 45’s!

Do you have something at home that needs repair or restoration? Bring it along to the Doing Place…we can help you to mend it. Share your repair and have some fun!

 [Share your Repair is very poetic, Rob]

Monday . . . must be Staithes

It’s impressive on the scale of the Great Wall of China. The warriors were hard at work. 

Today saw the thermal insulation go on in 5 layers. Plastic sheeting, aluminium (Bako) foil, lining paper, plastic sheeting again and lots of Aldi duct tape. It’s ready for feather-boarding on the outside on Thursday morning. 

It really is impressive and very sturdy.


Wednesday was a buzzy day at Whitby Shed and the Doing Place

Broken lamp ring repaired  by Leo

The soldering iron he used.

Betty wrestles with Gopak table

Katie (left) renovating a table “Brandy Cream”





















Magda Phillips (left) presents a donation from a performance raffle at Fylingdale Village Hall to Elaine Marsh (centre), with Shedder husband Steve Marsh and Karen McCarthy as stage props!

The donation is very timely since the plan is for BayThorpe Shed to purchase the Scout Hut they use from the Scarborough District Scouts. The Village Hall intend to grant a lease on the plot of land. It’s a demonstration of what charities in a community can achieve together.

Wood Pigeon in Norton


Graham is working with Shedder Brian to make a pigeon from wood. A wood pigeon. The body is finished but tail end and legs are to be added. To be painted black. 

It completes a set of three life sized animals (horse, dog, pigeon) to be added to displays at a Remembrance Service in November held at Norton Sports complex.

It’s another example of organisations working together to achieve a common objective.

The ply used in all models was provided by a Shedder for our stock. Before the request came.

Waste not want not!

Thursday dawns and it’s day two of the week at Staithes

More to come down the week . . .

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