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News from Len in Gold Coast Labrador Shed. 

Well, That’s me in Hospital 😩

This has not been a good morning. After spending the last two weeks quarantined inside the house, I decided to go horseback riding, something I haven’t done in many years. It turned out to be a horrible big mistake!

I got on the horse and started out slowly, but then we went a little faster; before I knew it, we were going as fast as the horse could go. I couldn’t take the pace and fell off and caught my foot in the saddle stirrup, the horse was then dragging me. The horse just would not stop.

Thankfully the manager at Woolworth’s came out and unplugged the machine. He actually had the nerve to take the rest of my coins off me so I wouldn’t try to ride the Elephant…

Len Thomson

Men’s Shed Labrador Inc

I’m sure you join me in sending commiserations to his wife, Ros.

Spare a thought for the forgotten victims of this crisis… burglars 

The Prime Minister may only have announced the lockdown just a few weeks back, but already families from across the law-breaking community are feeling the pinch. Burglars, for example, have seen their takings collapse.

“It’s a nightmare,” says Barry Knuckles, president of the National Union of Housebreakers. “Now that the entire population is at home 24 hours a day, it’s impossible to burgle anyone. They’re never out.”

Speaking on the Today programme, Mr Knuckles urged the Government to provide financial support for his members during these tough times. He called on the Chancellor to cover 80 per cent of the value of all the laptops, jewellery and flatscreen TVs that Britain’s burglars would normally have stolen and sold on. So far, however, he has yet to receive a response.  “The political class are completely out of touch with the concerns of decent, hard-working criminals,” he says.

But burglars aren’t the only felons struggling to meet the challenges of the coronavirus age.

“It’s all very well for people who can work from home, like phishing scammers and identity thieves,” says Dave Fingers, chairman of the Association of British Muggers and Bag-Snatchers. “But how are you supposed to pick someone’s pocket from two metres away? Some of our lads have tried using those little hooked rods you get in fairground hook-a-duck games, or those funny reacher-grabber tools that old folk use for picking up stuff they’ve dropped on the floor. But it’s hopeless. The Government’s got to think again.”

The Sound of Coronavirus sent from a friend in Germany

It does run for a long time, but you can sing along!

Keep your brain going with this simple challenge

UK Shed Happens Show this week

Here is the link to hear the full 2 hour UK Shed Show.

Phil Smith’s Shed ditty aired again on the end of the Show today. This is the third week running Whitby has had a presence on the Show.

For those too lazy to look back, here is the link to the song.  

Really catchy sing-along number. The words are below to sing along to!  Raise your glasses and your voices!!


Now there is a town,
Yorkshire Fishermen’s town.
A town where James Cook once called home,
He sailed out to sea from the Port of Whitby
To Australia he did roam.
Good Lasses and Lads
Raise you glasses and cheer,
Whitby, Staithes, Littlebeck hand in hand.
We are Shedders together,
We are Shedders forever
From the Moor and the Coast here we stand.
Cutting the cloth,
Turning the lathe,
Spinning the Potters wheel,
We are Shedders together,
We are Shedders forever,
Like a ship with an even keel.
Good lasses and Lads
Raise your glasses and cheer,
Companions we work hand in hand,
We are Shedders together,
We are Shedders forever,
From the Moor and the dale here we stand
Cutting the cloth,
Turning the lathe,
Spinning the potter’s wheel,
We are Shedders together,
We are Shedders forever,
Like a ship with an even keel.

Phil Smith


A posting from Stronger Together Whitby during Covid-19 facebook page.



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