On Saturday, Sleights Went Back to the Future at a community event in the Village Hall. We were there to (try to) make log cars but we seemed so short of young boys that a girl made one and painted it too. It was an excellent event for networking.

This cannot be the most flattering photo of NYCC Karen Atkinson, though surely the camera does not lie! Karen is holding a bouquet of wire butterflies by Paul below.  Maybe that explains the look! 

Cllr. David Chance in conversation with local Paul. The Sheds met Paul for the first time, a neighbour of Sheddie Eddie.

Rachel Clarkson preparing her ingredients for bath bombs. She had a steady stream of young candidates to try. Sc.out shield is prominent.

Monday started with a letter from Seton Primary School in Staithes presented to Brian2 over his garden fence by a teacher and two pupils. We opened it at the Shed and found a delightful letter of thanks for the “Shop” we took to them the previous week. Really lovely.

Brian proudly holds the Thank You. They have sold “bug cocktails”  in their Shop. Glad we were not invited to the opening!

The Staithes Shed is now working on a play car whose destination will probably be Seton School. Then we put our feet up!

Tuesday at Whitby the team worked on adjustment to the freestanding workbench and beginning the easels. Plus they measured up Betty – well, more precisely Betty’s garden door that has seen better days – and WHIMS is to make her a new one using a magic jointing tool Lance has.

At Littlebeck we had a visit from the Chairman of Dunstable Men in Sheds (a train man!!) and also Sophie Hall of MIND to discuss the awareness training probably in September for mental health and a focus on suicide risks. 

And Roger and Brian polished off the Labyrinth for Littlebeck Chapel – ahead of the great rains! 

Note the Men’s Shed in bottom left corner with 3 other local “scenes” – the drinking horse in the beck, and two not clear from this angle, the walker and the farmer.

In black and white starkness. We need a stepladder or a drone to view from above.

Wednesday Whitby Women’s Shed progressed Betty’s garden door in timber! Lance demonstrated his magic jointing tool. 

Lance cutting mortises. Betty admiring either Lance or his jointing tool. You decide.

Closing the joints with a persuader.

WOW. Betty is framed.

What do people get from the Shed? See what one attender said. 

Now for an article in the new edition of UKMSA Shoulder to Shoulder about the Youth Justice project we helped pilot.

Read the full newsletter here.


Thursday at Staithes saw us continue with the plat car, getting into panel beating. Thoroughly enjoyable. All from an old wall cupboard and a metal display stand.

Starting to form the bonnet.

Brian2 panelling front offside wing.

Looking good. The sheet metal came from a display stand we nearly ditched!

Next stop was BayThorpe Shed where in the morning a team did more clearance and exposed what apparently was the station platform! More tools uploaded and discussions about a sleeping pod for Scout Leaders and modular storage of equipment. 

Looking smart. Fascia refurbished by Scarborough District Scouts. We can claim the tidy up around the hut.

Right hand side cleared. More trips to the dump.

Rear cleared and wheel chair ramp moss and leaf free.

Stuart (in blue) looking quite dishevelled. He wfor a bath!

We had some discussions on ideas brought to the table about modular worktop/under-storage to be able to clear the decks when we need (principally visiting Scouts/Cubs/Beavers) and a separated sleeping pod (with under storage) for Scout adults on overnight stays (safeguarding rules).

It’s a concept sketch so don’t be too harsh with criticism. NTS!

Thursday evening the Sheds helped Whitby Eskmouth Scouts to make 3 bug hotels. A first for us but very creative!

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