View of Graham’s feet – in stockings btw. There is a drip in bed and water in the bag to irrigate slowly to avoid clots (aka Shedders)

Some bits and bobs in different places though Graham was preoccupied with his stones in Scarborough Hospital. That experience is added to the blog so far – Dear Willy

Staithes Shed has nearly completed the upgrade to the wooden shed for the Gardening Club and has started in earnest with the workshop/wood-store  extension on the back of the main Shed. Here are some plans for it so you know what we are up to (and to save some arguments!). 

Staithes extension plans:

Workshop Extension

Staithes also had a visit from a birdman who has surveyed the cinder track between Whitby and Hawsker for suitable locations for boxes for different species of birds requiring different sized holes, and even internal compartments for some. Maybe 50+ boxes to be made. 

Our Shedder Martin has been in touch with the contact for a while and it looks like Staithes, and indeed all our Sheds, can help. They will work to particular specifications and designs. Scarborough BC are  supporting . Good news all round.

Then a few snaps from SAMS Littlebeck this morning who were clearing out, sorting, repacking their “stuff”. It looked more like a garage sale!  Some shots of turned pieces and also the top that has gone on above the “bus stop”!


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