Mental Health Week

Mental ill-health has been a focus of the media this week and some very high profile figures who seem very capable and confident but that’s not what is behind the mask.

Many Shedders know this feeling and that is why many men are Shed supporters. The Sheds help them and they are also able to help their colleagues with empathy.

We appreciate the work that professionals do – NHS – and organisations like MIND. However, in the day to day world there is a role for informed volunteers and indeed those who have been through it and are maybe still doing so.

A lot of what Sheds do is not by words, it is by understanding mood changes in other members of our “family”.

Prince William opens up about mental health pressures –

A Royal Team Talk: Tackling Mental Health is broadcast on Sunday, 19 May, at 22:30 on BBC One.

Mental health: The radio station helping its listeners – connects to Radio Respect online. By sufferers for sufferers.

We simply do not know what may be going on in each others heads. Don’t pry, just be there in reach.

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