Meet Another Shedder or Two, Don & Dave

Don had interest in SAMS way back when it was conceived because he helped Graham with advice based on his past experience. Don is a mover and shaker in his head and when his physical health allows on the ground. Don is a builder of ideas.

Dave is mentioned in Don’s piece below. Dave has been a stalwart “hermit” Shedder in the Whittaker Annex over the road, keeping an eye on safety and working patiently with other Shedders to help them do for themselves. Intervening as necessary. Thanks to both

Last week I had great pleasure in finishing my first pastel drawing down at Littlebeck Shed.

Best of all I was able to complete the drawing on the desk I made under the direction of Dave, such a patient guy. He showed me how to do some wood joints I last did at school 50’odd years ago. Also he let me use his ‘sharp tools’. Not once have his chisels ever prised open a can of paint!

Because I spend half my time in West Yorkshire (Gildersome), I can’t get to the Littlebeck Shed as often as I would wish. But it’s the first place I make for once I’m back in Grosmont (North Yorkshire).

Thank you all for making me so welcome.

PS I’ll try and remember my subs. Maybe I need an Alexa clone to remind me!

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