Meet a Shedder and Staithes Dust Extraction

Shedders are often characters and they don’t come more characterful than our Ted at Staithes.

We work with his wife and other family members to include Ted although his dementia and strong independence presents us with challenges to sustain his interest. BUT, we LOVE our Ted, we really do.

The now Ted is not the Ted of even a few years ago, but his mischievous sense of fun remains. Ted was a very accomplished artist until relatively recently, an accomplished moto-cross competitor on the national stage, a humourist and entertainer, a joiner and a husband of nearly 60 years. He still loves his independence and right to roam which we all respect but we find ways to be his guardian angels!

Shedders are a wonderful collection of very individual individuals. Below is one of our Women Shedders, Maggie. She did wood carving for the first time and did very well indeed. Real control of the Flexi-cut tools and and keen to carry on with it next week. She enjoyed minding a puppy also.

Chip and dust extraction. We have just made two purchases. A “silent” through wall extractor to shift dust outside from sanding on the lathe and a one bag extractor on wheels with two extraction ports.

The induction motor is relatively quiet and is set low for stability. The fan has two ports to suck from two places on equipment. Waste enters the middle of the column and chippings drop into the lower bag. The dusty air is then filtered through an upper canvas bag (to 5 micron).
If these prove satisfactory, they will be immediate candidates for Whitby and Littlebeck Sheds too.

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