Meet a Shedder, a Poet and ShedFest 2018

This is the first of a year long series of introductions to Shedders (and others related to our Sheds).

Sheds have got talent, some of which (maybe most!) is not related to Shed skills. We have at least two Shed poets, Roger Gould and Brian Cuffley. Brian took up writing and poetry under the tutorship of Roger and has found it very stimulating. A Shed activity based on wordsmithing.

Roger is in the centre, Bob on the left (MalcolmP on right)  Bob has one of his sticks.

The news is that Roger offered, and we have accepted, that he be Poet in Residence at each Shed. Roger has penned his first piece in his new (unpaid!!) role. Timing is perfect because it is a first ‘Meet a Shedder’ piece and about stick-man Bob.

Stick Maker

Bob welcomes your hand

age weakens the grip

which skittled out teams

 swung the bat

cutting the willow

seeing in hazel

what he coaxed from

young  players

now he presses, heats

applies the vice,

tops with ash buffalo ram

polishing  embellishing

On Whernside Rough Tor

Monk’s Trod or Caradon

I grip his hand in welcome.

                                Roger J Gould 3/12/18

Bob is a cricketer, stick maker, welcoming friend. stalwart of the Sheds from day one.

ShedFest 2018. The video is  below for you to get a feel for the atmosphere and to see the consistent messages. Kate Gordon (new UKMSA Shed Development Manager who visited Staithes and Littlebeck) has launched a web-site for her own Ruby’s Yard project.  The link is also below.


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