Marching on

Yes, this week the Sheds crept into March 2022.

SAFETY FIRST. Ray (left) and Tony using planer/thicknesser. It is a two-hander job (pushing and pulling) keeping hands well clear.

These are Bryn’s mini flower boxes. Nicely made.


A very warming story from BayThorpe Shed of an upcycling project

A local lady’s father, who was a wood turner, made the crib for her first child. He passed away some years ago and her now grown up children, don’t want it, but liked the idea of a memory box out of the wood.

This was just the project for Olly and what a beautiful job he’s made of them, even making another copy of the inscription her dad made. Today an absolutely delighted, and extremely emotional lady came to collect them.

She has been and made things at the Shed, but felt she couldn’t tackle something so close to her heart. There is still some of the crib left, so maybe there’s another project she will take on.

[Really beautiful boxes that are memories inside and out. Well done Olly!  G]

Meanwhile at Staithes

Ken Young admires a “Banksia” candle stick made by Brian.

Woodturner Keith turning cedar. The wood has a wonderful aroma.

Liz’s bag of goodies.

Keith made a chisel sharpening clamp. (ex agricultural engineer!)

The new shredder and Shedder clearing the shrub waste

Works on up to 43mm sticks. Great chips.



Press release on Whitby/Scarborough news online paper

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