Mapping the Mind

My wife doesn’t understand me . . . . the problem is she probably does! 

THIS BLOG will surely evolve . . . .

It’s often said that people can read each others mind. I believe that is true provided we know the “domain” in which we are both thinking. So, my wife uncannily knows what I’m scheming! She does not understand Sheds so we often talk at cross purposes though She-Shedders will read at least some of my mind. Indeed, I really only read some of my own mind because in areas of activity that are new territory for me I am working with a fuzzy and evolving mindset.

However, in a new “domain” or one that is radically changing (our world) it is important to explore some of the issues, resources, drivers, blocks, needs, feelings, linkages etc. etc. that may characterise the domain. It will not be fixed because some elements will drop out as not an important factor and others may arise that had not been realised at the start. 

Hence, it may appear chaotic to those who enjoy a well defined, tidy, pigeon-hole, protected view of life!

But whilst we can (and must) think and puzzle alone AT FIRST, there is a need to communicate and discuss with others who may have a different take on things. Those different takes may challenge and enrich my thoughts. In any team effort it is useful to have a common picture that all can identify with if not fully accept or understand. 

That’s when diagrams and pictures often come into their own. A mind map is one of those that can be done individually but that can be done in a group. One caveat is that the group must be at least willing to explore positively, creatively and to change minds or it will end up a bit “Brexit” like. A mind map is a tool to gain common understanding.

Look at the mind map below, the topic of which is Time Management. See what factors the author(s) thought of down their trains of thought.

Effectively, this is what was done with the Sheds. There was a simple map to start with but it changed, expanded and evolved as understanding came and as change came along.

We need such mapping in many areas of personal and community life. It’s about gaining a bigger picture and that is something we saw through the Dragons Den. Other groups added to the picture we had formed and changed it! The Dragon likewise in fact.


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