Making Connections

Sheds may be closed, but communications do not have to be. Some are new.

We can look across the UK Shed landscape on the Wednesday UK Shed Happens Radio Show (10 – 12). It’s on now as I type and you can listen tomorrow to the Show once it is uploaded.

Graham has a new job

It is to contact about 35 Sheds in the North East to check up how they are doing at this time, to confirm their contact details, to learn about needs that UK Men’s Shed Association might be able to address and to introduce a 10 point questionnaire.

Graham started close to home with Scarborough Shed (Westborough Methodist Church) by chatting over the phone to the new co-ordinator Peter Pennock. It is in central Scarborough and has the luxury of two lathes! We may get some photos from Peter, in which case we will post them here later.

Graham is the UKMSA Shed Ambassador for coastal parts of North Yorkshire but is covering areas further north towards the Scottish border for this exercise. 

A chat with Sister Hannah at Sneaton Priory yesterday too

A Priory is a kind of isolated community normally, many would think. It is true in some ways because of the calling of the Sisters but they are not at all offish! Sister Hannah (just plain Hannah in our Whitby She Shed) is an enthusiastic Shedder wit can be fitted into her responsibilities which includes Priory hospitality for visitors – there are none now, of course.

When to call to fit in with Hannah’s schedule is a bit of guesswork but Graham was spot on yesterday when he spoke with Hannah outside their garage making a pallet table to go with garden seats they have. We shared a lengthy conversation and news of various Shedders.

Who next?

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