Making and Mending

Making and Mending at the Whitby Shed

‘There’s always something to make or mend at the Shed’. Words echoed by our prolific woodworkers, one continuing work on his balcony table, the other planning a bespoke bedside unit. This is true and regular Shed attendance does seem to create a mindset to construct and repair.
Can we remember our first experience of mending something and the satisfaction that it brought?
In my case it was as a child when my father asked if he could ‘borrow’ some Meccano to repair the windscreen wiper mechanism on his car (a Ford Consul MK II if you want to know). I reluctantly agreed and remember helping. Not to worry though as the next week he bought me some replacement parts and…and a motor and gears set!
From this experience I learned that things can be fixed. 

[Graham’s first car was a Ford Zephyr Six, complete with rusted cills]

Back to the present and what is Rob making and mending?
Making / The Bed Box
My wife Cilla although lovely is a little short. When staying away she frequently finds the beds too high and has difficulty getting in and out. The Bed Box assists as a step and turned over becomes a carrier for our water bottles.



Mending / Race in a Case
I caught my neighbour about to hurl this into the dustbin. In the early nineties Micro Machines manufactured an electric tabletop slot car racing set. This was a non runner and had seen better days…but it was far too good to scrap.
Have a look at it now, perfect working order and reminds Rob of his Scalextric days.
The photos below show others making and mending at the Shed

He’s making a planter

Matthew precision cutting









Katy doing an inside job

Katy is upcycling a cabinet for her room









Leo’s box












Meanwhile, Rob is setting his sights on Meccano and a second home

A Boy Racer. Fits Rob’s image.

Or is it the privy at the bottom of the garden?













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