Looking Towards Christmas

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth and my Shed!

Staithes Malcolm sends 3 Santas to dance to our tune in this video.

Meanwhile Graham is making a start on the Cafe Cart for the Compassion Project.

You will need some imagination as you look at these pictures of a mobile cafe! 

It will sit on a trailer we have 1 metre wide and 1.45m long. There is a serving opening in one long wall, a door in a short wall and a rear wall. The back will be the same as the front without the hatch.

The walls will be sandwich construction – two sheets of external grade 4mm thick ply with an internal framework to stiffen. Glued together and pinned/screwed.

Here is the paper model . . . . . 

Marie came onto Talking Sheds Zoom chat today with Doggy Beds.

She, Linda and BrianH had the idea of not dog houses but house comforts like 4 poster beds. We kid you not. When we reopen a 4 poster bed is on the making agenda.


We are pleased to announce that there is communication with the other side. That is to over the hill and beyond in Littlebeck to PhilipB’s home for him to browse the net and now chat on Skype. One small step for an expert but a giant leap for Philip and Graham. 

The very first videochat Philip did was on WhatsApp yesterday with Graham’s son in Australia. Not expected by either party. The very first Skype chat was with Graham’s son and daughter-in-law in Oz. The third was with Graham in Sleights by Philip on his own! Been there, done it and got the T shirt now!

It proves what can be done when pupil and teacher are patient, persevering and (think of a third ‘p’ of your own).

Addendum:  Saturday came with  Talking Sheds at the Kitchen Table scheduled for 3pm.  The challenge was to get Philip using Zoom so he could join in the chat. Could it be achieved without the use of a safety net?!  A session in the morning achieved by sound and vision connection on Zoom. However, come the appointed time Philip could not un-mute!!  With 5 others in the conversation Philip could see and hear but not speak. Well, perhaps he could speak but the rest of us could not hear him.

His face said it all. He thoroughly enjoyed the experience and afterwards in a separate session we achieved full connection again. 

Philip’s efforts will pay off this winter as he can join in chats with others and Google Landrover parts to his heart’s content.

The first wall panel for the Cafe Cart takes shape following the detailed plans:-).


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