Locked Down but not Cast Down

Got to keep our pecker up until we can meet again at the Sheds. Meanwhile humour is still alive and well . . . .

This I believe is Eddie the Sheddie snapped by the paparazzi. It’s very cuddly like him so it must be him I think. Redi Edi Go.

If you look carefully he is wearing the Australian Men’s Shed 10 year anniversary badge.

Eddie is a great sport for putting up with all kinds of ribbing. We have a great bunch of Shedders across Staithes, Littlebeck, Whitby and Robin Hood’s Bay.

Take care Shedders and stay in touch with each other. A call can mean so much.



For our Smart She Shedders to reflect upon

I’d be sensible enough to simply cheer unless I was hanging onto the rope by the skin of my teeth.

Youth Shedder Dillon

Meet Dillon who is one of our Shedders at Sleights Youth Shed on a Friday evening in normal times. His brother Connor too.

In an endeavour to encourage Graham in this time of lockdown Mum Sarah sent this photo of Dillon wire brushing what might be an ammunition case.

Eye protection is important and he is wearing a cool pair of wrap round sunglasses!

Dillon loves to work with wood and nails and is very creative. We have a robot in Sleights Scout Hut where we (used to) neet.

Just like adult Shedders, the spin off of the Youth Shed is friendships formed between those who come but also with leaders, It’s great to meet them and wave in these socially distanced times.

Well done Dillon.





Len’s Joke of Day 55 of Shed Lockdown in Oz.

On his very first parachute jump, Harry found himself towards terra firma tugging furiously at an unresponsive ripcord. 

To his astonishment he sees someone rocketing up towards him. 

Always ready to make polite conversation, he yelled, “Do you know anything about opening parachutes.”

“Sorry, mate,” came the reply.  “Do you know anything about lighting gas barbecues?”


Great News – One Happy Bench Left in Whitby!

A report from Whitby Shedder Rob:

I am pretty sure that I have discovered the last remaining Happy Bench in Whitby. The signs on all the other benches have been temporarily removed by Scarborough Council.

So if you are feeling a little lonely or isolated in Whitby, head for the West Pier and look for the bench on the left hand side just past the ramp to the beach.

In these times just standing by the sign is acceptable and everybody please keep your distance. It shouldn’t be too long before someone says hello…it might even be me!

Shedder Malcolm of Staithes Shed is in touch regularly with his famous goodbye line “Circle the Wagons”

He was asked to poke a camera through the wagon wheels and show us what he’d been up to, in part.

He has provided the following script too!

The fence was my major project last year, as you may remember me wittering on about it.

A couple of photos below, but not quite the finished article. All Western Red cedar slats each one individually sanded down with oil finish to bring up the colour. The first photo is the fence separating me from my neighbour. Second photo, you can just see the gable end of the garage over the top of the patio divider. A 3ft cantilever runs the full 9metre length of back fence. Also in the second photo below, the detail on the patio divider fence with a Rennie Macintosh inspired Art Décor touch to the reverse of the divider. I was so chuffed with the reverse, how it evolved, I’d have preferred it on the patio side. The third photo which you may have to click and open, shows a bit more detail of the Rennie Macintosh inspiration.

Since then, the bottom of the fence has been painted Country Cream, lawn edging and garden in progress, new planters required. 

Once its all ship shape, I’ll knock out a few better photos.

Do you think it’s a stockade he’s built or something to contain his Rottweiler?

BIG BOYS Don’t Cry

Big Boys Don’t Cry? e-book will officially be launched at a Zoom video event, in partnership with Time to Change Kingston, during Mental Health Awareness Week.

At the book launch, a number of our courageous contributors will read their stories and poetry. We’ll also have a Q&A session with some of the men involved in the book.

We’ll even have some live music from the lead singer of The Soul Immigrants, Emrys Baird, who will perform his powerful track, ‘Back from the Brink’.

Big Boys Don’t Cry? seeks to challenge the stigma of mental illness and encourage men not to man up, but to open up instead.

The stories in the new book are eye-opening and moving, helpful and hopeful, but above all they are empowering for men (and women) who will realise, often for the first time, that others are experiencing the same inner turmoil and pain as them.

To register for the free event, please visit: bit.ly/BBDClaunch  – you will receive a Zoom link after registration. 
Pre-order the book now from: bit.ly/BBDCbuy (Price: £10)

The event is FREE and once you have registered we will send you details with the Zoom link before the online launch. Please note that places for the event are limited.

We hope you can join us for an inspirational evening!

Trigger warning: please note that some of the stories featured at the book launch contain difficult subject matter related to mental health, such as suicide ideation, which you may find upsetting; particularly if you have suffered from mental health challenges yourself in the past.

PS Graham has ordered a copy of the e-book should you wish to view it in due course.

Provided by Shedder Elaine, the very complicated one.

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