Lockdown Again but Opportunities Still Opening Up

Yes, sadly in one sense but not in another, Whitby District Sheds will close after Wednesday for at least a month. Due to new regulations.

Diary of a House Elf: Putting the house to bed | Charlecote Park: Uncovered

The National Trust calls the winter close downs of properties “putting them to bed”.

We will be doing the equivalent for the next 3 days at each of our Sheds. One more chance to pull together!!

However Talking Sheds is to be launched . . . .

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. . . . for Shedders but also others who may be feeling the ongoing isolation pains of Covid-19. Men or Women in fact.  Bringing at least the conversation, banter and mutual support of the Shed experience to the kitchen table!! Our own kitchen tables (or equivalent) where a mug of tea or coffee is on tap.

Talking Sheds at the kitchen table

Starting this coming weekend on various days  in the afternoon (3pm – 4pm) or the evening (6pm – 7pm). 

First gathering this coming Saturday.

In part this arises from some conversations of this week and  a delightful email included in the next item. 

It’s purposes are several:

  1. To help connect Whitby District Shedders during this lockdown
  2. For Shedders to meet Shedders they do not know
  3. To develop confidence with technology which will be (is already!) part of everyday life
  4. To discover what we are up to whilst we are apart 
  5. As a possible way for prospective Shedders to be introduced during lockdown
  6. And anything else you can think of

If you like the sound of Talking Sheds, simply email graham_storer@btinternet.com 

This is not only for Shedders but for any who can benefit from a bit of sharing.

The first intrepid Zoomers. We even split into two breakout rooms for a brief while to experiment with that capability. Betty and Graham talked privately about Colin and Rob! BTW, I was not the only one awake. 

An email of appreciation

Stuart at BayThorpe sent an email advising the Shedders of the new closure due to Covid-19. He was not expecting to get an email from one of the Shedders, copied to all, which just about sums up Sheds,

“Thanks all. You are a great bunch of people and we look forward to things getting back to normal. I may send a few photos of what we have been up to, but mine seems to revolve round cleaning gutters still, as it is autumn. I must get a more creative hobby! Take care all and be nice to everybody!”

Receiving that reply to an announcement of Shed closure really touched Stuart.

The same day Graham read the following in the book on The Compassion Project (for which we now have funding announced today :-). 

All this derives from a single, thoughtful act.  WOW.

On the eve of the second national Covid-19 lockdown, here are some Shed photos of last minute activities

Keith’s peach of an apple

Lifting the lid on the apple

Sadly, Eddie looks no better without the bluebottle mask

On with another piece

Eddie creating chips off the old block

Bob’s pole dance

Rob masterminded the beach huts

Beach huts not to be sneezed at

Acrylic paint on sample beach huts







Acrylic paints- guess how much at Poundland?

Plans for Pucket game kit

A completed Pucket kit for kids

No escape

The doggie gate with Valerie





















Marie socially distanced we think.




Garden Makeover continues without Charlie Dimmock

Wood saved from skipping

Weed control fabric down and ready to receive gravel.


Grass seed down. Rain expected next day. It did not come!

“The answer lies in the soil.” If you remember that catch phrase you’re Graham’s age or older:-


Spot the red Wilf Noble bag of gravel.  Hoisted by crane into position for emptying bit by bit!

Starting to put gravel down around the edges in case the wind gets up!

Getting there. 60% spread. Only need a deck chair.

Bob and Graham arrived to find the job more or less done – by Valerie herself and Cheryl of Revival North Yorkshire.

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