Living Well & Whitby Krampus Run connection

Living Well and Whitby District Sheds grew up together!  Both were in start up mode in late 2015 and Living Well  was the first organisation we spoke to about a Shed  closely followed by  Stronger Communities – both departments of NYCC. 

Living Well works with people to find ways to avoid being i &solated, to take steps to improve health and to discover opportunities to develop more interests. Help is given with practical and emotional issues.  It is a free, time limited service for those people who are eligible.

An online celebration of Living Well was held on 6th October comprising presentations describing the aims of Living Well, the partners that Living Well regularly work with and some presentations around some case studies of the work of Living Well.

Below are the 3 suites of information presentations:

The role of Living Well

83841_Living Well partners fact sheet Autism accredited_A5

The Partner Assets of Scarborough and Whitby

Assets of Scarborough & Whitby

Working insights

Information Pack for Partners March 2019

Well done Living Well. You are a valued part of our Sheds!

Tony’s breakfast time sketch of the Krampus Kart for loudspeakers.


Whitby Krampus Run, December 4th

This is an annual event in Whitby now and you can read about it here .

Whitby Shed was approached to make a hand cart to trundle through Whitby carrying two loudspeakers – to add some noise to quiet Whitby:-).  The Shedders have set about the task beginning with some Michelangelo-like sketches by Tony.

Tony’s handcart concept drawings

The sides of the cart are coming together and the wheels have been sourced. Assembly will continue over the next few weeks. We’ll keep you updated.

The Krampus team also plan some community alternative art workshops to make some of the props for the Run. One of the venues will be Eskmouth Scout Hall at the same time as the Shed there meets.  Below you can see an example of the kind of art that may be done. It is a head that will not be worn but will be hoisted high on a pole. 

The first workshop will probably be on Wednesday 20th October.  A press release is prepared by the organisers and should appear in Whitby Gazette.

Elaine Edmunds with her paper and wire head.

Look carefully and you can see Elaine Edmunds peeping through the eye




Finally Betty – not part of Krampus!

Betty is making a window box with a rustic look (the window box, not Betty)

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