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Whitby Link Workers. What do they do and who are they?

Hello from the Community Link Worker Team – Whitby,
Coast and Vale Community Action  has been working in partnership with the Whitby Coast and Moors Primary Care Network since December 2019 to develop a social prescribing service.
We have been employed as Community Link Workers to provide a vital link for patients to social provision to the GP Surgeries in the Whitby area helping their patients to take control of their own health and wellbeing.
Often people can visit their GP for help but the issue they are facing, whilst having a physical impact on their health, is actually more related to other issues in their lives.  By having access to social prescribing, a GP can help to address these underlying issues which, once resolved, can have a dramatic impact on that person’s health. 
The Whitby Coast and Moors Social Prescribing service is currently available by referral through the GPs practices only.
As Community Link Workers we can provide a vital connection into services, agencies, groups and organisations such as yours. You may be contacted by us wishing to refer a patient, alternatively, as the service is about enabling people to take control of their own health and wellbeing, they may contact you directly and mention that they have spoken to one of us.
Problem solving is at the heart of the work and we will spend time with the patient to help identify what is really causing them to feel unwell.  It may be help with a practical problem, or help resolving an issue, or much needed social contact and friendship. We will  then help them to resolve those issues, put in place support networks, and help the patient regain control of their own health and wellbeing.


Charlotte Angus                  

‘Helping people is something I have always enjoyed, not doing it for them but enabling them to do it for themselves, when people gain the tool to do things for themselves, the sky is the limit!’



Steven Angus                         

“I am a caring and conscientious person who will go the extra mile to support those in need and help people to achieve their personal goals”.


Lisa Nortcliff                           

“I love helping to solve problems and I love meeting people, so to have been given the opportunity to enable people to help themselves is the perfect job.”





This is very good news that they are up and running now.

We know Charlotte well from Totally Socially and Lisa is from the same stable [she says thoroughbred stable]. Steven was the guy who put us in touch with Ed Horwood of Youth Justice and a good association that has proven to be. 

Steven is coming Staithes way shortly with a new gentleman who we hope will join the Staithes Shed when we can be open again. Steven wants to see the Shed himself and try his hand. However, is this like a policeman drinking on the job? These will be good news people too – practical but with heart.

BayThorpe Shed in Whitby Gazette using the Galleon with Elaine & Stuart as main photo. Stunning galleon!

Whitby Community Alliance formally announced

Whitby District Sheds are one of about a dozen voluntary “services” that are part of the Alliance. Another is WetWheels Yorkshire in Whitby

This is the Winter edition (think about it) of The Shedder, the Australian Men’s Shed Association’s newsletter


An unexpected conversation with Botton Village and the Camphill Trust today

Well, the conversation was arranged and expected but what Graham learnt was not. Botton is a special place that had intrigued Graham when he attended an event there last November to bring people together, What Graham learnt in the conversation on Zoom was the range of activities and indeed work that goes on in what is a supportive community to residents. Look into it in the link below.

Botton Village

There’s a Zoom event on 31sy July that Graham will attend online from Staithes where he and Brian are meeting a prospective new Shedder. The power of being in two places at once!

Here is the programme for the day.

EVT Virtual Event AGENDA

Finally, Graham had a hairy experience but forgot his face covering


The Marble Table

Graham set about making the garden table that will host the manhole cover on which to play old-fashioned marbles. The cover needed wire brushing to remove surface rust which he delegated to a grandson.

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