Leveling up


Isolation can breed loneliness. Among the most isolated are people who are housebound for a lengthy period. 

During lockdown the Sheds turned to Zoom for some of the Shedders who were shut in through ill health,  disability. It worked for others too who were limited in their contacts because of Covid-19. Remember those days? We called it “Talking Sheds at the Kitchen Table”.

Sheds and The Doing Place promote activeness of mind if not of body!. A significant part of that is the communication and banter that comes from a regular group meet. As part of The Doing Place we are to bring back Zoom to an audience that is not specifically Shedders. 

It will take place at about 11 am on a Wednesday morning with an “anchor person” at The Doing Place who can respond to what those at home want to talk about and see. They can see some of what is going on at Eskmouth Scout Hall but there is no reason why we cannot do an “outside broadcast” from elsewhere (like the museums or an event).

To enable this we have been trying to get broadband installed again which has presented a few problems because of Whitby is still reliant on telegraph poles. We are expecting another visit from Openreach this Wednesday to resolve issues. Last time they traced the problem (possibly) to a telegraph pole near the police station!

Colin and Marie are primed to go and we’ve had a few revision practice sessions between our homes. A part of that has concerned She Who Must Be Obeyed Alexa.


Colin has had an Echo Dot for a while and used voice control to play the music he prefers. Colin, of course, is in a wheelchair in a care home and voice control is a real benefit.  We are working now on Alexa to control his table lamps so he does not have to rely on others. 

Marie did not have Alexa but she now has. She bought herself some smart plugs and now we are looking at a Ring doorbell with camera and the ability to talk to people outside from wherever she happens to be. 

Await some photographs once all the technology is working! And some reactions from Marie & Colin.


Whitby Doing Place “Story Board” Posters

These are not posters for general display but have been aids for us to capture and share the essence and message of what is trying to be done. Putting some flesh on the skeleton of an idea.

There will be a public poster, however, covering the overall concept based on a draft prepared with Decadent Drawing (the Krampus Krew!)

We are also producing a Doing Place postcard for February 2023 that will be used as a flyer with information for  folks who are in particular a bit on the margins.  All activities have much the same “soul” and purpose for creating people supportive activity based on the small family principle.

Let's Mend It Poster
Sounds Creative Poster.docx
Zoom Poster


Bit of an acid test today as Creative Sounds engaged young and older newbies! 











There were 4 youngsters in all of varying ages with two mums. Separately Carol came and decided to join in too. She has a good voice and joined in with recording. 

The inspirational cream on the top was the inter generational  feel to the whole morning. 

We had the yellow tables out and Tony has nearly finished the storage unit.

Other good news for The Doing Place and Shed is that Howdens are to donate some storage units soon. 

Norton Shed (where Graham lives)

On the carousel of pictures on the home page is one showing the Penny Farthing wheel that BayThorpe Shed made for the Toure de Yorkshire. 

Norton Shed is matching that big wheel with a life size war horse! Requested by Norton Sports Charity for the Remembrance Service in November! There is a life size dog to be made too and a pigeon. Animals that worked and died in the First World War.

A fab Wednesday last week at Whitby Shed

The Doing Place is a very stimulating parallel project providing different forms of creative distraction It has people between 7 years and 80 involved. 

The music of Sounds Creative engaged the interest of Miss T

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