Laying it on the line

A remake of the 1967 Classic ….. The Plank 

Today ( Monday 1st May) was a remarkable day at Staithes Shed ……we had Phill and Malcolm starring in the remake of the   classic comedy The Plank ( well worth watching) …we started off by marking out the greenhouse base and it quickly became apparent that our activities were full of laughs and thoroughly enjoyable … has commenced …..
In the photographs we have tried to recreate,  at no expense , classic scenes from The Plank film ….The original film starred Tommy Cooper and Eric Sykes …..can you work out which roles Malcolm and Phill are playing ?
Observe , as our greenhouse base is marked out to millimetre accuracy ….can you spot our laser guided tape measures? ….

We can’t wait to see it completed and all of us at the Shed contributing to its construction ….

And lastly , the most important , question …can you spot the plank?


PS The Best Actor Award goes to . . . . . The Plank

Now, where did I leave The Plank?

Watch out Phill, the Plank is coming!














In Tommy Cooper’s words, “Just like that!”

The Plank and a few other planks are laid following the chalk line. They form the base plate that is anchored to the existing concrete base and on which the pallets will sit to form the perimeter wall on which the wood frames and polycarbonate sheets will be attached. 

The polycarbonate glazing sheets are to be provided by manufacturer Onduline at a tidy discount thanks to the negotiating skills of Malcolm. 

Sticking with Staithes, an important opportunity for us to help Staithes Sports and Social Club

Those of you that have been part of Shedding in Whitby district (particularly since 2018 when the seed for a Shed in Staithes was sown, will know the bumpy roads that the Shed had to get started even though we had great financial support from the People’s Health Trust and continued strong moral support from NYCC’s Stronger Communities Team. 

At one stage it looked as if the game was up because the Sports & Social Club came under the ownership of a development company. Housing development was not approved and the site was put under the auction hammer. In a bid to preserve the community interests a benefactor stepped in at the last minute to purchase it in order to transfer it to community ownership again in due time.

The time has come.

This week representatives from the Shed met with the recently established Community Intertest Company (CIC) that now has the challenge to spearhead fundraising from businesses, trusts, foundations, individuals and anybody prepared to chip in effort and some cash.  On the basis of what was presented, the Shed is now looking in a focused way to support the cause of the “Big Buy Back”. We have benefitted greatly from the Club ever since it offered us a home.

Expect more on this in the near future.

WE WANT YOUR NEWS (well, Graham does)

Sustainability of Local News is Key to DemocracyNews that if possible is accompanied by photographs. About the community, the Shed goings on and stories about the people too. People is what Sheds are about.

It is important to say that reporting is going on by several individuals (like Elaine, Rob and Jim) but it is open to all. If you are formulating any kind of plan (even one like Baldrick’s, a cunning plan) then do send it. 

Are you prepared to write something about what the Sheds have done for you personally or the way they have opened your eyes to matters in the community.

The next item is news sent in from Ryedale Carers. It concerns dementia, which is something all our Sheds have been introduced to right from the beginning. Bert, Sheila, Ted, Peter and quite a few more. It impacts spouses and families too. 

We will buy a book for Whitby Shed (one noted below) and you will be welcome to borrow it.  If needed we’ll buy others. 

A message from Isabelle Harrison (another supporter of our Big Col)

Dementia Statistics Hub | Alzheimer's Research UKFrom Isabelle Harrison of Ryedale Carers to other organisations working with older people. It would be good if at least 1 person from each of our Sheds could attend to take the messages back.

I have been very fortunate to arrange an afternoon talk with Professor June Andrews in Amotherby Village Hall on September 26th at 2pm.
I am sending early notice of this event so that you can put a date in your diary. I was so impressed by June when I went to one of her lectures last year. She just totally gets Dementia and life surrounding it.
Here is a synopsis about June.
Prof. June Andrews is an author and consultant on care of older people,  especially people with dementia. She is an experienced nurse and also qualified in law. Her book “Dementia the One Stop Guide” has been at the top of the Amazon best sellers list, and has sold tens of thousands of copies since publication.
Described as intensely practical, sympathetic and helpful, June also appears on TV and radio. Her book is now going to be made into an audiobook for those too busy to sit and read about how to make things better for people affected by dementia. Find out more on her website
A date for your diary. Plenty of advance notice.
Isabelle Harrison

BBC News – BBC unveils Bike Bureau for Green Broadcasting

Something for Brian to try at tea break to make lives of others easier

A  new and a recycled Shedder arrived at Whitby Town Shed

Yesterday a new prospective Shedder arrived, John, who actually arrived with an idea of what he wanted to do! He’s a quiet man but (and he doesn’t know it I guess) he made quite a stir. He’s an onion man, The big ones. The enormous ones!

John wanted to make a trophy for his group in the shape of . . . . an onion. That resulted in us unwrapping the lathe and beginning to turn a small version of what he wants to have. That caused Bryn to take interest and Rob too.

John last did anything like this at school!

Various people worked on this for practice. Learning together. More pear shaped! This was just a pose.





The recycled Shedder just appeared! It was Michael (with aid Jill) who used to go to SAMS in Littlebeck. By accident they had bumped into Dave Mawdesley and learnt that Sheds were alive and well. Michael has a great sense of humour and soon a 3 year gap was closed. We found some of the photos of Michael on a display board we have. 

Again, a man who came out of the blue to disturb our day but created some welcome spark. He knows exactly how to insult Graham in a friendly way. Jill used to play dominoes with two Shedders who wanted to do nothing else. Meanwhile Michael would work with Shedders in one workshop or another, knowing Jill was also close to hand in case of need. It was a great partnership that we hope will be reconstructed. 

The wood store on wheels that has used up the wood we needed to store! 

Meccano Man Rob assembled this remote control car. It is wonderfully tactile. We are buying Rob a My Little Pony next.













Tony is needing more wood. The kind we used for bird boxes but not for that purpose. Just rough sawn lengths because he and Ray are past masters of the planer/thicknesser. Hint to women. The ideal birthday present for a man is a plank of wood.










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