Laptop repaired – past week in photos

The laptop returned today from hospital having had power supply surgery and the innards glued up.

It was good to visit the Whitby and Staithes Sheds and to get reports on Littlebeck too. There was a particularly good/deep conversation between She Shedders on Wednesday relating the support that Shedders give to each other when life takes a surprising and unwelcome turn.

A few days before in conversation with a Shedder and spouse a meaningful fact came out. Where they propose to live is conditioned by the relative proximity of the Shed. It was the same with Shedder Dave who told his daughter he would only move to join her in Whitby if there was a Shed. Indeed, SAMS had opened just a few months before. These are wonderful insights into the worth of the Sheds.

We are contemplating a compendium of Shed accounts by the majority of Shedders under the title “Me and My Shed”.

At Staithes we have a new and very active Shedder, Malcolm, who has some very good ideas that we hold him responsible for. As with the Whitby Sheds, the space has been rethought and there is much improved workshop layout.

What you cannot photograph is the banter and laughter as Shedders Make Good

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