Who knows what Christmas will be like this year for adults but also for children.

We are entering winter and dark nights now and come Christmas kids might like something to make that does not involve Lego (though it is good!).

Our Sheds have got together with some ideas of affordable kits to assemble from age 5 – 8 roughly, though Grandpas and Grandmas (or parents) might like to help.

Wood, of course, features large, and water paints or felt tip pens can be used to add a personal touch.

Glue, tacks and double sided tape provide, with a piece of sandpaper to smooth anything off that misses  strict quality control.


This is Staithes today (Monday) and some boat shapes being cut out on a scroll saw. Work will continue on Thursday too.

Sails will be provided as well as a sea and a beach with a palm tree:-). We will soon have some made up  for you to see and to place an order for. 

SAMS on Tuesday and Thursday continues with Teddy Chair kits.

The chair frames are made from coppiced hazel cut from local woods and then stored to dry for 18 months! These will be provided as separate sticks with end prepared mortice and tenon for joining with PVA glue provided. 

If you have a large teddy bear (monkey, elephant etc.) please contact us for a “made to measure” service. 

Seat cushions come as cut material for sewing by hand or machine (needles, cotto, thimble and sewing machine not provided).

These can come assembled for an additional donation. 

Whitby Sheds are making money/trinket box beach huts, Puchet game and Nativity scenes

Puket in making. Needs more pucks and elastic cords added



Awaiting photo shortly of beach huts








Nativity cut outs for younger children with help and supervision by family. Figures will slot into base blocks allowing children to arrange.Thin card.

With colouring sheets too and little LED lights probably and a bag of hay (wool)!

These are Big Kids at play . . .

Maggie creating

Big Brian and Tom, the mad man of the woods, in relaxed mode.

Look at these lovelies from Whitby Shed! Cleaned and Danish oiled.


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